The History of Bekuma

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Last update June 24, 2020

Introdution and History

According to archives records Bekuma was founded by a man of that name who was more probably an early emigrant from Benin. It was sacked by Ibadan raiders and its people first took refuge in Somorika, moved during the Nupe period to Lampese. They return back to Bekuma at about 1917 after the fall of the Nupes. The Lampese claim that the village has no separate existence before 1917

According to Archives records – The people of Bekuma returned to it old community in 1917 divided themselves into three groups bearing the names of the ancient quarters, Otase, Bekuma, and Ibelemi.
There are now no sub- divisions. The head of these groups holds the title of Ibolo, Otaru and Eleleni respectively and are chosen by “Ifa” divination then.

The age-grade and title taking system was similar to that of Ibillo.
Presently the Okpashi of Bekuma who happens to be the clan head resides there. Bakuma is presently under electoral ward three (3)  and under North East Akoko clan.

Clan headship
Is done rotationally within the communities. (Bekuma, Lempese, Imoga and Ekpe).

They celebrate festivals like Eribi, Akpe, Ukpe, Orumava and new yam festival.

Akpe Festival is a masquerade festival celebrated for three (3) months but the myth is that women cannot see the masquerade thoughout its outing which is done during the night.

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