The History of Imoga

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Last update June 24, 2020

Introdution and History

According to archives record Imoga was founded by One Uma, an early emigrant from Benin. It was attacked by Ibadan raiders and the people moved to the near-by hill. They eventually submitted to the Nupes and accepted an “ajele” and paid tribute. They returned to their old community about 1890. They have been administered from Kabba, Okene, Iddo, Fugar and Auchi.


According to archives record- Imoga is divided into four (4) quarters which have lost their old character. They are not sub-divided and there is no lower administrative unite. The oldest man in the community is recognized as the head and the senior village head is called OLUTOZI, is elected by the whole village  from the  Afunara quarters, it is doubtful if the present holder of the post would continue to do so  without official recognition and whether his successor will necessarily come from that family then.

The age-grade and title taking system is similar to that of Ibillo.

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