The History of Ogbe

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Last update June 26, 2020

Ogbe is one of the Okpameri speaking villages in Akoko Edo. It belongs to the East Akoko Clan. Ogbe have very strong cultural ties with the Somorika people.

According to archives record the people of Somorika. Onumu and Ogbe have a common descent from emigrants from Benin. Therefore bears settled together first at ldah, then at Egay near Okene and then at the west of lbillo and now has no existence. They then move south ward, then the founders of Onumu and Ogbe settling at, or near the present sites of these villages.

According to archives record Ogbe is divided into two (2) quarters.  Erupa  and Okulugbe which are half a mile apart. The people of Erupe quarters are divided into three families Afayebure, Afuhu and Afofo and those of the Okulugbe quarter into three Ufohun, Agbagba and Awi.

The family is the lowest functioning administrative unit and the oldest man in each is recognized as is head.

The last four (4) heads have been selected from the Afaiyebure family of Erupa, but there is dispute as to what the custom was before and what is to happen in the future. It is claimed;

(1) That the village headship is hereditary in Afaiyebure family .

(2) That it is held in turn by the Afaiyebure and Afoko family.

(3) That it belong by right to the Agbagba family of Afaiyenure quarter 

(4) that at  the head of the two (2) quarters, one partly maintaining  that the oldest in the quarter holds the post  and the other, that it belongs to the Agbaba family.
There are six (6) village shrine of which (4) is controlled by the agbagba family, one by the Afaiyenure family and one by the Ufomo family.

Age group are formed by youths between 16-21 years of age every five (5) years.

Judiciary: Same as Somorica

Land Ownership: Same as Somorica

Marriage: Same as Somorica

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