The History of Ogugu People

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Last update June 24, 2020


According to Archives record Ogugu the people have no knowledge of their origin or early history.  Until 1917 they lived in steep hill to the immediate south of the village. When the Nupe arrived they submitted. The village has been administered from Ikiran. Kabba, Okeke, Iddo Auchi successively


Ogugu is divided into two quarters called the Odu Ode and Ode-eke, which are functioning administrative units. The chief priest of that village Odominia, is the oldest man in Odu-ode and the village head is selected by the people from the same family.

There are four (4) age -grades, the Ekulaso, Ekugua and Eraado through which every man must pass, promotion taking place every seven years. On leaving Erarado he becomes Ivuekara and entitled to a carved staff and hat. The Ivuekara formed the village council in ancient times.

Women have no traditional political right but enjoy a measure of  economic independence.


Same as Lampese


Same as (Osi)Aiyegunle


Same as Lampese

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