The History of Oloma

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Last update June 30, 2020

Historical background

According to archives records Oloma was founded by a man of that name. Who left Benin with his family after the foundation of Okpe.
His descendants were scattered by the Nupes and took refuge in Ugboshi, Igwe and Somorika. They came back and resettled in their Village about 1890 after the fall of the Nupes .

The village has been administered from from Owo, Fugar and Auchi. The Olokpe claims that until 1918 his father was recognized as “paramount chief" of a wide area in what are now the Ishan, and Owo, but this has not been confirmed or refuted, and there is no apparent reason why such recognition should have been accorded.

According to Archives record - Oloma is divided into five (5) quarters which are no longer territorial, each of which elects it own head. They are called Giviope, Eregue, Iminayo, Iminoziga and Osi.

There are three age grades through which ever male passed. Children are called the Ibietumo and at the age of 16 become Okuemu. Ten years later, they become Eku-Akarafe and may by performing certain sacrifices, entertaining the village and paying 2/9d to become Ekpesa.

Their village head is called Ogua and succession is direct from father to son
in the Eregua quarter. The village council consist of the Ogua Ekpese and the
Eku-Akarafe age-grade.

Women possess no traditional political right but have a degree of economic

Girls are betrothed at birth and go to their husbands after their third or fourth menstruation. Widows are inherited by the deceased husband family.

Same as Okpe

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