Akoko Edo Tourist Sites

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Last update June 1, 2020

Lampese Crocodile Lake:

Would you like to come with us to Crocodile Lake? Situated in Akoko Edo Local Government of Edo state north east of Benin City .you can watch the crocodiles come at sunset. Its a tourist attraction, there is no need to be afraid. An ideal place for fishing, safaris and many more. A tranquil savannah vegetation complete with a beautiful sandy cove overlooked by a pleasant and sheltered.The bars and restaurants of Lampese are really of tropical nature they service several types of fresh fish, local fruits and traditional cuisine of Edo state, .beer,wine,gin,soft drinks both local and imported. You can try the native beverages; palm wine, Ogoro or Ogogoro{kai-kai} or can just relax and enjoy the glorious view or, alternatively,take a walk in the rocky area and enjoy the cool natural breeze to your face, that make Lampese so different .A taste of paradise and a welcome escape from the hustle.

Somorika’s awe inspiring tourist spots

What perhaps never ceases to amaze visitors who throng this historical enclave is the precipitatious natural rocky ascents that go as high as 1700 feet which are interspersed at roughly unequal intervals that fill the borders of the village. These also contain artificial rocky hangers that served as formidable defenses for the Somorikans during the British assault of 1904. These formation of boulders like smooth topped rocks appear to have been concentrated at the summit of the Kukuruku hills. Somorika was reputed to have served as relaxation and vacation spots for British officers and their families during the colonial era due to its exciting landscape.

Another site worthy of beholding are some indelible marks which appear well preserved by nature. The marks are believed to have been made by shrapnels from the British rockets during the war. The region is called Ekisa rocks by the natives. There is also the Oriakpe rock. It comprises a human shaped rock carved intricately by nature on a massive boulder. It is believed to belong to a girl who was agglutinated to the rock due to her disobedience and insolence to the gods. The girl, Omologboloyin, violated an outstanding taboo during Ohome, the marriage festival of the Somorikans. She was subsequently turned into a rock by the gods. Oriakpe rock with Omogboloyin sitting appears to be the only known symbol of Somorika today.

One other prominent rock is the Odeburu rock which is seen as the highest peak of the Kukuruku hills. It is said that with the aid of binoculars, one can see the silvery edge of the River Niger from its peak. The peak can also be seen from surrounding towns and villages even as far as Auchi.

The Iresha spring which flows as deep as 50 feet, is also a unique site that visitors may want to see whenever they go to Somorika. Its water is extremely cool and forms ice at extreme temperatures. This however, pales into insignificance for tourists who prefer to visit the Okoye rock lake named after a powerful spirit ancestor of the Somorikans who is reputed to have been a master manufacturer of iron and war implements which the warriors relied on during ancient times. Somorika was perhaps, most appreciated for its healing and miracle center called Ulokuiagbe shrine which even after years of decline, continues to attract many from different parts of the country and beyond who are in search of solutions to varied life’s problems which center on the physical and the spiritual.

Ososo tourist centre:

This centre is located atop the rocky area of Ososo in Akoko-Edo local government,north of Edo state. It presents a beautiful scenery for nature lovers and rock climbers. The tourist centre is an offshoot of a colonial rest house built in the 1930s.The first phase of a massive renovation programmed was commissioned in 1993 with a VIP lodge four chalets and a main lounge consisting of a kitchen, restaurant and bar.

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