Akoko Edo Tourist Sites

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Last update June 1, 2020

Lampese Crocodile Lake:

Would you like to come with us to Crocodile Lake? Situated in Akoko Edo Local Government of Edo state north east of Benin City .you can watch the crocodiles come at sunset. Its a tourist attraction, there is no need to be afraid. An ideal place for fishing, safaris and many more. A tranquil savannah vegetation complete with a beautiful sandy cove overlooked by a pleasant and sheltered.The bars and restaurants of Lampese are really of tropical nature they service several types of fresh fish, local fruits and traditional cuisine of Edo state, .beer,wine,gin,soft drinks both local and imported. You can try the native beverages; palm wine, Ogoro or Ogogoro{kai-kai} or can just relax and enjoy the glorious view or, alternatively,take a walk in the rocky area and enjoy the cool natural breeze to your face, that make Lampese so different .A taste of paradise and a welcome escape from the hustle.

Somorica Hills:

Somorika is about five kilometers north east of lgarra and 165 kilometers from Benin city. The hills are a part of the rolling landscape of the Kukuruku range. The beauty of the scenery is the huge, hanging rocks that rest on one another.

Ososo tourist centre:

This centre is located atop the rocky area of Ososo in Akoko-Edo local government,north of Edo state. It presents a beautiful scenery for nature lovers and rock climbers. The tourist centre is an offshoot of a colonial rest house built in the 1930s.The first phase of a massive renovation programmed was commissioned in 1993 with a VIP lodge four chalets and a main lounge consisting of a kitchen, restaurant and bar.

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