Festives In Akoko Edo Land

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Last update June 1, 2020

Itakpo The Root Of Ososo Community 

Since Ososo Community regards life as a stair case which must be climbed from one rung to another, I would rather want to address the mind of the reader that every festival in any Community has a lot to do with the  life  of  the inhabitants of  that  particular town  village  or hamlet. With this, therefore, this write-up would deal with graduation from one age group to another· activities of each of the age group, the fictions, social aspect and the right to belong truly Full Story >>

Ugbete Festival

Igarra was said to have been first inhabited by Anafua people. The leader of Anafua people was known as Uno. On arrival at the present site, one Prince Ariwo Ovejijo was said to have claimed the land, and so Uno surrendered it and evacuated his people. The handing over ceremony was without rancour or bitterness..
As the handing over was done through mutual agreement on Ugbe day, Ugbete festival has since been celebrated in Full Story >>

Emomorhe Festival

Like the Itakpo festival of Ososo, Emornorhe is celebrated in Enwan clan, Akoko-Edo to elevate citizens from Umadheghe to Okhitoya age group—the group of the elders. Besides, the festival affords opportunity to Enwan community to pay homage to Ogua who is believed to protect them. It is celebrated between March and April every 40 years. It lasts for a total of four weeks. Only males who have attained the ages of from 55 to 100 years are qualified to be initiated Full Story >>

Itakpo Festival

Various communities regard life as a stair-case which must be climbed from one rung to another. This is why festivals are celebrated at various times to elevate citizens from one age group to another. One of such festivals is the Itakpo, celebrated every seven years at Ososo in Akoko-Edo. Ososo is about 16 miles from Igarra. There are four quarters in Ososo and they celebrate this age group festival in turn every seven years. Although all inhabitants of Ososo Full Story >>

Ipihionua Festival

The people of Imorga in Akoko-.Edo Division celebrate the ‘Ipihionua’ festival once in every seven years. The festival is unusually long, for it lasts for a period of six months.
It comes up in November of every seventh year depending on when the new moon is sighted and it ends in March of the following year..
The festival is essentially celebrated to mark the initiation of an age-group and only males above the age of 18 years Full Story >>

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