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Benins Idioms and meanings

Last Update July 3, 2020

Aite rhi’uko evba gie nagukayon
I was almost dead in the incident that happened to me
Na gha yakpokpo nofesomwan, A werezagbon noghamamwan
Don’t worry a person richer than you, he/she may be of good help to you in the nearest future
Ovbokhan serinmwin zokan
There is a place, you are not permitted to talk
Nomasokpo Nowenafien yururi
A riffraff who is claiming what he/she is not
Otore gha kpeni, Oghiyevbehan
A person that is financially buoyant is still better than a poor man who said he is rich, even when things goes bad with him
A wediomwan mayodugbo, owe resere mwonfioto
A bad person never passes through without stealing something/clear conscience fear no accusation.
Aikpolo, ayakan
A proud person who is mis-using his opportunity
Oyobagia, Eirenedoba gae
I only want to help you not that I want any thing in return.
Edemwende nosekhai mai ya diyioba obuhegbohen Okevbeghaniobo yozolua aro
An offender who committed a gross sin to the people of higher ranks who should have come to his rescue.
Ifinakhuenode senoyagbe Omahe se no ya keke
A love that was established yesterday is not old enough to be dissolved.
Ukpoko nawenayagbodin, erahiyalemanodinriere
The one you plan to kill is now victorious.
Erhan Egbeda Ayakhifin oguname
A strong man is competent to withstand his opponent
Ekpakpahuagan we egbeiren analobi, egbeiren anasiere
I was born in hardship, and I know all about it.
Isan sua Isan vbuhe
The present evil one does now will remind him/her of the former offences committed.
One offence has led to another.
Ekun masoto, Aisaido
You must first settle, before seeking for chieftaincy title.
Nighogho gbeimiobo ya se miegbe
If you are in problem, you don’t think of prosperity.
Eyen rerunrun Owa odafen vbiee
When there is serious problem, the leaders ought to be alert.
Ama yogbe, Aimiu, ulomwan
Beware of going to a public place, if you are not competent to withstand your opponents, he will put you to share.
Amahuaro, Aimifagbua
Keep yourself from public show.
Ohuen Omwan siomwan
Mind your business.
Ovbokhan siewanmwen oro ogha sie Oghigbaregbe/ovbokha sukpevbe owere
It is not proper for incompetent person to put his hand on what he can not do
Ovbokhan eiren ugbo naya wuone
It is not proper for some one to know the day he/she was born
Oriovbe mairen ugbebo
The secret of a community is not known by the way of a strangers.
Okha gha kha okuekue ghi kue yore
A noble man says a world that is approve of all
Azen lai need omo wuerena, amaren we azenelai gbomoni
The evil man that passed yesterday caused today misfortune.
Egbe no rokhomwan O yutukpunmwu erhan muive yurhu
If you have peace within and without everything by you will have comfort.
Ukpo na miamien no oba khuokho na eren ton re ekia,orie egua yak ha ogbowe yi isen emila okhian ya khieren ona ya khieren vbi  I din Iden; ta gbelele.
Oh comrade! Be careful, things may not go well with you now .Let patience be your antidote, you might later discover that your present predicaments have created an avenue to solve other problems, then blessings and long life will be your recipient.
Akputu na  ghe rie eken akputu nee ken ayere
I seek for solution to prevent suffering, yet, suffering never end
Na hie muru niyi Igbakhuan riowa
A cheat who detected himself to be a cheat is now ashamed of himself
Aveni khorion
His manners is so mischievous
Otoro emwian wua khiohuare
An evil person never see any thing good in his neighbor or family who misbehave all the time.
Oweni uzo na won amen
The rich take care of the poor.
Owen rrroen deye okun/Osorhue burun
He is dead.{This words are used for a prominent person like the Obas, Emirs, Ovies and Obis}
Inu ewe khian lalosevbe ebumwen!
How many will you spent in all these abundance
Amuomoyegbiye ne
The matter has been settled
Yiro gbokpa Nusokhumwuriae/Iro ayagbokpa anafiokhumwuyoto
You must be wise in dealing with matters or else, it will turn to you as boomerang
Erhan ma zo Ikpekperu,Aimunorehien
If you do not commit any offence, no one will persecute you
Egbe wa sio ogio’boro
I am indisposed, or he is not physically
Ewe woghiren, enoyanren, gualo vbe emianmwen no khuomwin noma fo
When two opponents are fighting, usually the third party will bear the brunt a last.
Nusese mie he na tiebo
An opportunity has come to someone who hates his/her neighbor When he/she is given the chance to judge him/her.
Aghakiri fierue, Aibaku
You will regret, if you are in a hurry in doing any thing
Agha wuon ukame fo vbedenaya muoha eberoo
There will be a problem if you can finish the work schedule for one year, in only one day.
Oghe uvbi owi yi Ikuason
You will only be the looser in the whole matter.
Ekogha kon oguomwandia Evbare oyaetete
if a riffraff is not in a gathering expense is less.
Oriovbe tu uhumwuawa, rhumwunda eimie Ighere viore
A stranger remains a novice in the place he dwells.
Eken node no’ ovbiewe muhin
When a man finds himself in a certain situation people use that as a yardstick to look down on him.
Osele wi ren ma yo owiren nokieke yero
You are not reliable for anything good.
Ahue vbe ya rie emuen, orumwun bi
I now have the opportunity to deal with you ruthlessly
Omwenwaen oyomwotoro wina, nekokpe okhioha afioukhuere ke
A wise man understands the nature of everybody, and be is competent to give one his/her apportionment
Ogbongbon ahon vbi idumwuebo, okpia gha tuokhuo agbere Ewe
Be careful, there are some people, no amount of good ser vice you rendered to them, it cannot pleased them or they will pay you with bad coins
Eni gha gbu uye, uye gha gbe Eni, uye no gheni ghi dolegbe gbaramwen ovbehe
If two strong enemies fight and kill themselves, there will be peace for their children
Urubu gha fie esi do aghi ya dumwen egue, emwin noguavboto no mioe.
If a bad person escapes one offence, he will remain a culprit and his conscience will always remind him of the coming judgment.
Nuruere rienrien eve, ta muorinmwin gbare
Those who bear false tales should be careful on what they say against themselves and others
Ekpoliyeke no hamwan na rieva oya ore
A person  who has a double dealing will be punished when caught
Vbe na gha ghen aghen ye Ema vbe gbovbioha
The problem remains unsolved will live to testified against the recipients
Vbe na guobo nokase, Toye kharagua
All hands were on deck to save the situation, yet the problems remains insipid
Ekiamadon Aiyekpa gbuhe
If there is no finance to implement a project, nothing can one do.
Ezomo lema oguigo dumwun ovbokhan sevbane iyan
A place where the great men gathered is not fit for the poor to interrupt.
Inu agha ta vbo okunuvbe, No okhuo na gbumwenhen yodore uhun one weloghobuan ule
How many will you tell in all events that befall on him.
Emwin ne ewe mie nohuwuan, ere awa mie nona gha voro
The event that happen shows the patience and impatience to the victims of whom it occurred to
Owie aya tuho no muokhue
Ninety-nine percent of human progress are done in the morning
Igho'mwenmwen ne to vbu uko
When a riffraff possessed a possession, he uses it to disturb others
Emwin nai ru vbuhe airueybe ekue
What you don't practice here don't do it there
Ebo gha fu gbe, irumwun ghi so vbaruoe
If one is very quiet, evil usually prevail on him
Okpodo gha kpodo, Owondo gha wondo Ewe no so khian ghi kpaigho
There is a problem that almost resulted in a terrible havoc
Akhon kuo owa si ivie yobo
No one fight his home and expect to gain any thing
Emiowo gha bugbe vbumwuowen elriae; sokpan umwen ma ghi gha fianvbo
There is no problem when one's possession are great; provided the spoiler has not crept in.
Ahiamwen dan tinfua vbunueren
He has altered bad words from his mouth
Akpa we Avbebo Kpa hamwan, Agha we to omo gbukpukpe vbe eko
If others have not what you possess, you should have placed yourself in the position of God.
Iyan rue gha fuofua, uyoboguere ukefiare, Nagbon ghe zeken yuere
If you are in the way of prosperity, be careful, lest people render you impotent
Agha tewe aghamugbize, amaghimu Akha nowina rie ebe guomwon bare
if you propose a project and did not execute it, no one will query you for it
Eka no Oregbeni, Ozevbariohe
It is your behaviour that tells whom you are
Agha le ema omwunu, agha kpe/fie ewoe
If you are doing any thing for a talkative, it is advisable to be like him
Esi gbo oka ana wene Ukere buesi yo; Ukere na weno buesi yo; Ren oghi ghoka se esi
When people in the society corrupt themselves, those who were send to check their ills were more degenerated and bankrupt to the same society
Oyobo ye ehen no ofen re
He is caught in something that has been misused by others
Vbe na mia Akuagha he era na wena gbitegare Aigbite ga Eme
You address a person on his own personal standard
Atu ghai rie Izenofua Noyaren wiren Khien kuen
Unworthy person who is not needed in the community, is still parading himself as noble
Odumwen ema fieku omafekun no yan ema amue ema gie
Wheat her servant serve the master or refuse to serve, he can never be the heir apparent in that home.
Ukpo na gboghede Ukhunmwun fise
There is always a problem when one is in the middle of plenty
Ru Uze gue yoto nu riu uniere yato, naren no gha ka keke
Those who gathered their wealth by hook and crook will be cut off in the middle of their days and leave that wealth for others.
Ekhu na yi kan gba erenayayo omo oto
If you have no good plan, you will have no legacy for your descendant
Agha gboe Ikhinmwin ese omo ghi mie kpologa
If you live a good life of sincerity,your descendant will inherit your belonging after death and your good name remains indelible.
Agha to vba agbon, aghiria aramwen no ye vbe eni
Any one who has attained the age of septuagenarian {three/four score years} is worthy to be honoured
Ikpianbokpa eima vbu ruese
If you hear "thank you" from any offence committed, beware, danger is coming ahead
Ebuluku gha mie vboho vbu ukpukpe
Evil will be for some one who over do things
Iyekho gha zetin aren ghe oghede ororiyeke
If a child disrespect his elderly ones, know that, these three things are responsible Money, bad medicine, and witchcraft
Khirikpi, Utozoo, Ovbokna siewanmworo ogha sie Amenghi gbaregbe
He who brings fire wood filled with ants from the farm will not be surprise to see lizards as his visitors
Omwenke gha wu Aghi zomwinwenwen, ya rere
Misfortune/untimely death is a gift to the wicked ones
Agha vbuimwina gbe, aghi vbue no gha ria mwan ugbo
Don't try to live by begging, you are reducing yourselves to a worthless fellow
Omaen wi ren gha rie Erere Erere wiren gha khio omaen uhe
Sudden death will end things if does too much
Emwin no ma gie ya yin lkpe, Eghiere ya yien Evbakagba
If you can not settle down to do what you are asked to do, the plan you have in mind will remains zigzag
Emwin no gbawa wia sua Awa
The evil that befall the wicked one will not made known to him
Aiguogie ku, aimueomo sulele
If you are not friendly with some one, never you touch his belongings
Oyi ma ko Nokoe yayero
Wheat her the wicked prosper or not he remains to oppress his fellow man
Oriae gha rio ha, aghi fieren erunrun
When the wicked is going to be ex-communicated there must be a remark on him
Ohuan ma ga, ohuan ma ga, Ugo ruo ohuahn fo
People who cheat their fellowmen look for excuses to be accepted by others
Aiyi lvie rue emwin oya
A prominent man always respect
Ofo fo okhokho, lgan ma gia deghere
The most wealthy persons suffer a lot of problems but none will take note of it
Emen tue ekaka, ekaka osobomuerhan amaren ghe obigele ode Emen
A proud community/society are now suffering for the offence they committed, yet others are still seeing them in material affluence
Inu Ukpobozo khian duese vbi iseni
How many will you spent from all his riches
Ekpo wiren gua, Obo wiren fiyoto
he who chases a mad man for any offence, committed against him, is like the mad man
Ama mierughamwan ogha fieren Evbe
If authority is not taken from him, he will commit havoc that might involve the whole community
Urubu gha fie esi don ogha mie erhan nohiere ogha lee
When some one escapes stripes/death for bearing false witness, he will be running from matters that may cost him his dear life
Agha mue opekhere le no Oghomon
beware of him, he is a devourer for what so ever is given to him
Afie woe aivin lhue Okpa mwon hun vbo
No one can serve two masters, and expect to get thank you in return
Agha yo otan li lheghe oko oyeye
If you sentence the son of the person that look after an evil dear, that son is living in his father's inheritance
Ukputu ma gie ewe ban, ebe no rienrien Ewe ogbewe
If you cannot refrain from what you love most, death is the ultimate
Ase lheghe abo ete re emwin uwonmwen
This was not his former position, if not condition that brought him to this mess
Ihiehie ma gheghe yu ugbo, Amwen owee yaighan
He was not an accused, if not for those who lied against him
Noyo oze ghi ye se yeromwon ghi ghi yese na ghe gha kpo ogun no maien
Parents should be careful to take good care of their children, lest they blame God who brought them to the world
Ugu se no gberiae, ona kparo daiso
Those who left their opponent and fight the innocent will live to regret at the long run
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