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Edo Archery In Culture

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Edo Archery was the practice of auxiliary shooting with bow and arrow to the main force of Calvary and infantry by which bathes were won. Bow and arrow were the main instruments used by arm forces to fight in ancient times.

The art of shooting with bows and arrows dated back to the Stone Age. It was used originality in war and for hunting. Archer and slingers were auxiliaries to the main forces of Calvary and ¬°infantry used by forces to flight in the olden days.

The longbow vas solely used for series of crushing infliction on opponents. The crossbow (Ekpede) was extremely effective against armour but it s slow in setting up the mechanism hence the archer hands would travel more than (he longbow.

The medieval crossbow had two separate limbs, spliced together in the centre. Traditional bowmen however, demand unstrung and (he bow up turn to (he straight.
Arrows are shaved into the round from square billets. The arrow lengths, diameter, feathers and tips vary with the size and use of the bow.

Traditional archer aims with (he string drawn back against his chest for a smooth and accurate action and a great strength in (he shoulder needed. The most difficult stage was tittering and adjusting the bow.

The bower tests its draw weight and smoothness with which it bends. The bow must be stiff near the tips and grip. It must bend in smooth art.

Warriors were armours that protect them against Enemies weapons. Those armours were made of animal skins and leathers, hides and skins.

The armour gave the wearers protection against arrows, spears and clubs. Full armour covered the hands, arms, legs and feet.

A full suit of battle armour consisted of various pieces of jingle bell (eroro) of various.
Materials and shapes used as arm waist-lets, leg-lets and anklets sewn to the dress.
There are also number of small brass or iron clapper bells, shaken idiophones, statuette; invoking archer deity to gain victory.

Archery deity-Fbo ifenmwen is Ake, the Patron of one who shoots with bows and arrows. Ake was once a human being and a hero of fighting with His bows arid arrows. He was deified for the people of Isi (Ake N’ Isi).

The deity is often conceived of as a being at one and at the same time a famous figure of the past and feature of the environment.

Ake deity features in Legends connected with the folklore of isi people and in the myth of Edo people. His activities in human form were assigned to particular era.
There is principal festival in honour of the deity and during major Festivals; deities are invoked as standards al (he ceremonies to strengthen the affairs and purposes of such festivals.

Archery deity -Ake is invoked in time of battles or wars, for bows and arrows were the main instruments used by arm forces to fight in the ancient periods. Archers and slingers were auxiliaries to the main forces of Calvary and ¬°infantry by which battles were won.
Akeas a warrior has arrows tipped with venon- obi. He possessed magical powers and protected his people during conflicts and battles.

The Archery deity is invoked in time of catastrophic and as protecting armour, bow and arrow is hung on building wall as invocation of the deity to combat human pursuers. (o ‘in spiritual and worldly hatiles,

Ake is painted with Umen, a red dye on one side of the face and white chalk on the other side of the face, symbol of fight to victory.

The Royal guard Isienmwero is always armed with bows and arrows to project the kingdom. They are the watchers of things and carry mainly charmed bows and arrows.

Archery is the ninth constellation in the Zodiac. People born under the influence of Archery enjoy sports and outdoor life. They enjoy sports and games. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose and never sulk over something that had not worked out in favour.

They trust others easily and expect them to trust in return. They are never suspicious or envious. They always think well of others. They are honest and forthright. They are broad minded and tolerant for they are open, forthright and never believe in deceit or pretension.
They are imaginative and know how to put ideas into practice. They are not selfish or proud. Archery deity with weapons of archer, Hatcher, bow and arrow are symbol of justice, believed to have been the magical power of winning conflicts, battles and war from the ancient times.
The art of shooting with bows and arrows. were perfected by the royal guards like the medieval warriors, for the infantry and Calvary were in full  amours of Edo archery in culture.

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