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Edo Traditional Costumes

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By Osamede Osunde (Last update 30-08-2018)

Traditional costumes have a general basic pattern quite recognizable from local variations in style or detail. Today they are still in vogue, and natural ruler in particular being custodians of indigenous culture and custom, don the traditional attire on formal occasions

The Oba of Benin, for instance, invariably appears in full regalia during certain festivals like the Igue.The costume is elaborate. From head to feet and with the exception of the Iyeruan and Akhuankhuan made of Ukponmwinanido  (local Cloth) every other thing he wear is either red coral or Ivory beads. The Iyeruan, a large item of regalia, is a peculiar type of hand-woven white cloth by the Royal guild, Owina-nido.The Akhuankhuan, a white band around the waist is made of local cloth. The crown, Ede and the shirt Ikekeze are made of tiny coral beads woven into a mesh
Oba Ewuare II
Ikiro hand bangles, Ukugbo-Olila a band around the chest and Eguan, a ring around the ankle, are all made of coral beads, Udahae, which is tied around the fore-head is also made of coral beads. It was introduced as part of the royal regalia after the assassination of oba Ezoti about 1473. There is a set of about a dozen beaded necklaces, Odigba dropping some inches below the chest. There are also the side robes egbele and the ugogoro, a device to rest the hand. The Ada (scepter) features in Benin armorial bearing. The sandals are made of leather.

In contrast with this ceremonial attire, the Oba on other occasion wear a simple flowing, white gown with a cape and a white, plain cap. Some of his chiefs wear a similar gown, but not the cap. In their case, the gown may be one of coloured material, and long coral necklaces and wristlets may also be worn
Some natural rulers in the state also have beaded crowns as well as those made of other materials like cloth or brass. The most common in the cloth type, either plain or adorned, and golden in colour. They wear robes and coral beads in one style or the other

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