The Major Esan Chieftaincy Titles

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Onojie of Uromi

Oniha of Uromi

Iyasele of Uromí

Ezomo of Uromi

Ezana of Uromi

Adolor of Uromi

Ajieyiyi of Uromi

ibadin of Uromi

Village Head of ldunegbon Uzea

Village Head of Olinlín Uzea

Village Head of Ebulen Uzea

Village Head of Urho Uzea

Vilage Head of Ewoiki Uzea

Onojie of Ubiaja

Regent of Ugboha

Onojie of Oria

Onojie of Onogholo

Village Head of Illushi

Village Head of Ifeku Island

Onojie of Udo

Onojie of Emu

Onojie of Ohordua

Onojie of Okhuesan

Onojie of Orowa

Village Head of Iyelen

Village Head of Uroh

Edaiken of Uromi

Onogie of Ewohimi

Onogie of Igueben

Onogie of libelle

Onogie of Ekpori

Onogie of Ewatto

Onogie of Amahor

Onogie of Ewossa

Onogie of Ujiogba

Onogie of Ugbegun

Onogie of Ugun

Onogie of Ogwa

Onogie of Okalo

Onogie of Ekpoma

Onogie of Opoji

Onogie of Egoro

Onogie of Urohi

Uague of Eguare

Obarode of Ekpoma

lyasele of Ihumudumu

Obauyi of Akahia

Oiha of Iruekpen

Esogbah of Emaudu

Ogirrua of Irrua

Onogie of Ewu

Ezomon of Irrua

Iyasele of Irrua

Oniha of Irrua

Inneh of Irrua

Esogba of Irrua

Idalogho of Irrua

Edohen of  Irra

Eson of Ewu

lnneh of Ewu

Uague of Ewu

Idaiogho of Ewu

Onogie of Ukhun

Onogie of Idoa

(Last UpdateJune 4, 2020)

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