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Monarch Of Water World In Culture

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With ambrose ekhosuehi {Last update 25/092017}

THE Monarch of water world is the Roman sea-god- Neptune Identified with the Greek sea god — Poseidon and the Benin sea-god — Olokun

Neptune lives in underwater palace. His symbol of power is the trident thought to have been a lightning bolt with which he could shake the earth or subdue the waves.

The planet was discovered on 23rd September 1846 AD. Neptunians pertaining to Neptune or to the sea, formed by waters or inhabitants of Neptune coincided with distinct human trend.

Neptune is another giant planet and for years, astronomers had speculated and suspected that another large cosmic body was in the vicinity. The French Astronomer Urbain, Jean Joseph Leverrier postulated the position of the hypothetical planet by mathematical reckoning.
Johnann Gottfried Galle, a German astronomer spotted Neptune through a telescope within one degree of the position Leverrier had calculated.

Neptune has two moons — Triton and Nereids. Triton is the largest known satellite in the solar system.
Neptune is a divine being in the rank of divinity and a deity living in splendour, not incarnated as human beings.

Neptune- Olokun was discovered by Ogun in about 1435 AD before his enthronement in about 1440AD, to the splendid throne of Great Benin with the name Ewuare.

Olokun is a cool deity represents the positive aspect of experience, purity, good fortune, health, long life, prosperity and happiness, all sysmboiized by the colour white.

Olokun in Benin folklore is believed to be the senior son of God Almighty Osanobua. He is identified as the monarch of the great waters-Okun of the earth.

The monarch gave a trident - a three-pronged spear - Ugala to Ogun and some quantities of sea coral beads. The trident made Ogun very skillful, that when Ogun became Oba Ewuare there was an adage “Ugala Ewuare nei ba emwi ku that is Trident of Ewuare never miss its target.

Likewise too, in about 1740AD the Agboghidi Emokpaogbe of Ugo, saw the effulgent of this monarch which led the Duke into series of adventure and in some, the deity make music of their own accord.

Benin People from the beginning worship Olokun because he gave the Aboriginal man from space a woman — Ohonmwin, who was able to subdue the waves in the population of the Earth, hence “Al mien Eze nei gi Ohonmwin balo” That is “There is no river impossible for Ohonmwin to dry up” and in the great deluge of Noah era, the Ogiso was saved, the land of Igodomigo thrived.

In many communities, towns and villages, there are large temples in which they are housed Life size terra cotta, sculptural figures of the Olokun deity.

The worship is directed by priest and priestess. It is a community affair where the whole people engage in an annual festival called Ekaba or Ugie Olokun.

Elsewhere too Olokun worship is a domestic affair with ceremony being performed on every five days.
Some women who have had Olokun altars are recognized to have more influence with the deity than others. They are called Ohen Olokun, Some of them hold annual festivals to honour the deity.

In the late eighteenth century a European envoy Lando visited Great Benin Kingdom and had given a vivid account of the music performed for the worship of Olokun.

The envoy speaks of the instrumental essemble, that the orchestra consisted of cylindrical agban drums, akohen flutes, elephant horns with finger holes; that the musicians blew the horns increasing the tempo and volume just before the offering of sacrifice.

Olokun has a favourite wife called Ora which must be called Loud before Olokun can be worshipped. Ora is said to take the prayers to the deity.

The sacrifice offered to Olokun are white live pigeons, white live fowls - cock hen, white live goats, white cloths, white kola coconuts and white chalks.

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