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OGISO ORRIA (ABOUT 522 A.D-537 A.D) (13)

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Orria the 10th Ogiso Odionwere, ascended the throne in about 522 A.D. He was chosen from Oregbeni - (Ore Ogbeni) the elephant killers’ camp or village at Ikpoba Hill. Orria was one of the greatest elephant hunters in the history of Oregbeni and Igodomigodo. He was trained by his hunter father Odenede. It is said that Orria was the first man to tame elephants at Oregbeni and had five tamed elephants ,was nick named ‘Orria ne ukoko Eni’ meaning ‘Orria the elephant trainer’. It was from his time that the people started training elephants for domestic use.

When an elephant was old enough, they ‘could kill it and remove the tusk for the carvers of Igbesenmwan to sculpt unto beautiful art and craft works. He became Odionwere Ogiso in 522 A.D. when he was already 95 years old. Though he was not the oldest Odionwere at that time in the city of Igodomigodo .yet the Edionisen (Oliha, Edohen, Ero, Ezomo nd Eholo Nire) aproved his appointment because of his contribution to the society as elephant trainer.

Almost all the hunters (Elephant and others) attended his coronation from far and near villages. He used elephant tusk to decorate the alter of Ogiso shrines.

He ruled for 15 years and died at the oid age of 110 years. Oregbeni was founded by Ogiso Ere (16 A.D. - 66 A.DI). The people of Oregbeni specialized in killing elephants and rearing the young ones which were used for labours like carrying logs (Iroko) from the bush for carving and to build shingle roofs. The elephants were also used for crossing deep rivers. Ogiso Odoligie used elephants for crossing river Ovia and destroyed Udo City with his trained elephants during Udo and Igodomigodo  war (712 - 767 A.D.).

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