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Ogiso Akhuankhuan was chosen from Iguisi quarters of Igodomigodo. This old man was another great economist. He was a trader of clothes and had travelled widely selling clothes. His parents came from Okhunmwun near Oluku. He was the only surviving son of the 16 children the mother had.Having lost so many children at birth, the mother went to a town called Ugbo-Maghan in the area of Mahin Island and with the help of medicine men, he was born and given the name Akhuankhuan - meaning one that cannot be killed by any evil spirits. Because of the circumstance of his birth, some people said that , he was “Igbakhuan’‘Abiku When he grew up, he was very meticulous with things. He was fond of saying “If you have one piece of cloth keep it well, so that it can last for many years”. He even taught people how to wash clothes and keep them neat and was exponent of good hygiene.

He was so fond of using one piece of cloth that a song- was made of this habit.
Akhuankhuan mween Ukpon okpa
‘Ne O ya kinna urhu
I gha rnween ogho mwen
I tete ere khian
Ne agbon gu mwen yin……. etc.
Meaning Akhuankhuan has only one wrapper
That he use in wrapping himself
When I have mine own I will use it sparingly
So that I may be useful in the world ...... etc.

When he was crowned Odionwere Ogiso he was very happy because as the only surviving child he never thought of living for so long on earth how much more becoming a king. He was very neat and kept on advising the people to keep and preserve their properties. He spent 12 years on the throne which he ascended at the age of 90 years. The palace was swept twice daily and scrubbed every morning. He would not like to see any speck of dirt on the ground of the palace. The Ughe Street of the palace was swept always. He lived in a clean environment.

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