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Eheneden whose original name was Egiebo envisaged a peaceful and enjoyable reign hence he took the title Eheneden at his coronation. Eheneden means “settled situation”
Eheneden inherited large and developed Ogisodorn with ah the Enigie, Edionwere, and other vassals under control, and sending their taxes and tributes collected down to Ogiso in Igodornigodo.

In the southern part, the Iguabode and Urhonigbe who had been defeated and subdued by Odoligie had also been welded to the nation. Eheneden consolidated the large Ogisodorn, he inherited by posting messengers who behaved like ministers to all parts of the Kingdom.

He made some Uko (ministers) to supervise certain areas and reported back to him. With this method of administration, he was able to put the Eriigie under check, and curtail crisis before they get out of hand. Recalcitrant Enigie were taken to him and reprimanded for the offence while the Odionwere and four elders of such town or villages were severely punished. In this way the provinces and their numerous populations were effectively brought under the direct control of Eheneden. Through this system of administration, peace vas ensured under his reign and trade, Agriculture and Arts and Craft flourished.

Ogiso Eheneden was a lover of art and craft and like Ere the great. put a lot of effort into encouraging their further development, makers (Imakhe) bronze casters (Igun Oze) brass caster (Igun Eronmwon) the blacksmiths (Igun Ematon) he cloth Weavers (Idukpon) the basket weavers (Iduokhuae) the wood carvers (Ikaerhan) the carpenters (Owinna) the leather workers (Isohian) and drum makers (Ikaema).

In addition, he reorganized their production and distribution of their craft products. These arts and crafts products and other items were traded both within and outside the kingdom. Trade with Northern Africa during this period was greatly reduced due to religious (Muslim) wars that was ravaging in North Africa and Middle East. This had affected the trans-Saharan routes and driven back Edo traders who depended on this route for the supplies of metals especially brass and bronze. This led to increase trade with peoples of present day Northern Nigeria like the Hausas, Igala, Jghirra, Jukun and Kanuri near Lake Chad.

In addition to Eyanugie, new sources of iron ore were gotten from the areas of Etsako and Ineme Nekhua of today. This development and the production of iron in larger quantity gave a boost to production of agricultural implements and agriculture flourished.

The people of Igodornigodo learnt through contacts with the North many things such as the cultivation of some new crops like sugarcane, beans, pumpkins gourd, melon new varieties of banana’s and palms. Domestic animals like cows, sheep, goats and chicken were also brought in large quantities to augment the locally breed species.

Eheneden was a lover ‘of beauty Apart from his contributions to the development of art and craft, he encouraged architecture, sculpture. Poetry, traditional drama and storytelling. He beautified the palace with many designs such as hollow windows and furrow walls. Women were organised to scrub and polish the palace walls with red mud. The pillars were also painted with latex from trees (Ukputu-Bosquiea Angolenis) which looks like blood. This latex shines when dried and also prevents the wood from rotting or cracking. Courts in their quarters. They were allowed to decorate their walls in palatial styles or adopt palatial designs in their buildings. But they were not as elaborate as that of the king. He made very effective use of the Avbiogbe especially in gathering and dissemination of information.
After a long rule of 50 years, Eheneden died heirless and succession shifted to another family house of the ruling Ogiso.

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