Ancient Benin Kingdom & Edo State
Where Modernity And Tradition Meets In perfect Harmony
(Benin City Nigeria Local Time)
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Benin Kingdom /Edo state Recreational Parks

Ogba zoological gardens:
The zoological garden was established in 1915 and it was the first to have a legal statute backing in Nigeria. The garden is located in a forest reserve area near Ogba village about six kilometers from Benin City and covers a land area of about 20 hectares, which exhibits trees for their scientific and educational interest and value. Ogba zoological garden has an appreciable stock of local and foreign species of wildlife. Over the years the gardens has
served as a functional recreational park with very strong educational impact.
Okada Wonderland:
One of the most fascinating destinations in Nigeria which many holiday makers are oblivion of its potentials. Okada Wonderland, located in Edo State has all the features of the Disney World in Florida, USA. Though, it may not have the leisure facilities of Disney but it has its unique flavour that will satisfy a fun seeker. The resort is full of wonderful and fun-filled attractions that cover a large stretch of virgin land, farms and bush. It is lavishly
landscaped to produce exquisite environment. The beauty of the land is enhanced by artworks spiced all over the place. The Wonderland has a museum called a Garden of Fame and Heroes. The museum conveys the mood of sadness and homesickness as it is stocked with bronze statues of our heroes. The statue of Igbenedion, the owner of Okada Wonderland welcomes the visitor. Also the statues of other prominent Nigerians living and death dotted the beautiful arena. The Okada Baptist Church which seats about three thousand worshippers is a magnificent to behold. The walls are neatly adorned with pictures while the outer walls adorned with bronze works showing the scene of nativity , the three wise men from the East offering gifts of frankincense, gold and myrrh to the Lord Jesus Christ, another depicting the limp body of Jesus Christ and also the scene of Atonement.

The wonderland resort has a six-court tennis complex with assorted restaurants for foods. The facilities for kids especially the Okada space astronauts made of plastic and swollen blower, many residential bungalows painted with the colour of milk, all glistering in the sun.

Okada Wonderland is an escape from the chaotic urban life, a romance with nature and a hiding place for fun seekers who want to savour historical artifacts of the ancient Benin Kingdom.

The Wonderland is in the heart of Okada village in Ovia Local Government of Edo State. The resort is a thirty minutes drive from Benin and is sandwiched between the thick forests along Benin- Ore Expressway.

The village was founded by Ikaladerhan, the banished son of Ogiso, which was many years a rustic village. The Esama of Benin, Gabriel Igbenedion has transformed it to the envy of its neighbours.

The village enjoys pipe borne water, a secondary school, a police barracks, a civic hall, banking facilities as well as a customary court. The village also has a 300-bed specialist hospital, a post office and many more other facilities.

The sleepy village of Okada is a hybrid of the old and the new. The old mud houses of the villagers have their front plastered with cement while those built by Igbenedion are a beauty to behold. The modern architectural and magnificent edifices are truly a mirror in the sun. Though, these impressive buildings have little effect on the life of the village, as unkempt children run and play all over the place while women dry pepper or cocoa beans in the sun and the men seen playing draught to while away the time.

During the night, young men visit the Wonderland Hotel, truly their own wonderland, a run down affair built of mud and cement, the major attractions seemed to be loud music and girls dressed in beach wears.

Life in Okada Wonderland is predominantly human. It enjoys the rut of the unusual, a theatre where the community displayed their dramatic skills and every day village life. Some of the bungalows located at the un-reclaimed areas are in very bad shape. A large sculptured angels praying outside the Baptist Church is a master-piece of artwork.

The shopping centre is another glistening complex. It displayed many wares ranging from consumables items to decorated calabashes and the swimming pool is an Olympic size paved with marbles.

The head of Queen Idia, the symbol of Okada Group which adorned the centre of the Wonderland is well in place. This is a dream place to go and recreate away from the bustle and hustle of the city centre.

You can wander into the thick and dark forest for hunting adventure.
Bethel Home Igieduma
Jehovah’s Witnesses Bethel Home, coordinates and provides essential support for its global preaching work. 850 volunteers, who are part of 20,000 volunteers of global bethel families, manage Nigeria’s Bethel Home. Located at Igieduma in Uhunmwode¬†Local Government Area , the Nigeria Bethel Home, receives many visitors, as tourists are called   in Bethel Homes. Tour of the centre is
free of charge.  All kinds of tourists, regardless of their religion affiliations and backgrounds, often feel the need to visit the facility, during holidays an average of 3,000 tourists visited the home. However, tourists are only allowed to tour the facility on weekdays: Mondays to Fridays, from 8:00 am to 11:00 am and 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm.

Many prominent Nigerians, including a former head of state, have toured the Bethel Home facility one time or the other.Some tourists travel all the way from Lagos, Port Harcourt and other distant parts of Nigeria to tour the facility. 

Those who have toured the facility described the experience as amazing while those who have only heard of the place are eager to visit. 

The Nigeria Bethel Home occupies a space of about 138 acre, which takes about 50 minutes to tour round from one end to the other. Well-trimmed lawns and flowers give the facility the ambience of a nature garden. Some of the trees, however, produces edible fruits like coconut and others

Animals walk freely around the premises of the home. This may be another feature that may amaze a first time visitor   to the facility. Deer, monkeys, grass cutter among other animals are easy sight to behold in this fenced facility. The most amazing thing about the animals is that the animals are not afraid of any harm, even when they see human beings.The animals were fenced into the centre about three decades ago when the centre then a forest was being built.   

As a group, those who serve at these facilities are known as the Bethel family. Like a family, the volunteers live and work together, enjoy meals together, and study the Bible together. 

A number of necessary services are performed in the Bethel Home. For example, while some members of the family work in the kitchen, others prepare nutritious meals; do cleaning, housekeeping, laundry, or maintenance for other volunteers. These assignments contribute to the family’s high standard of cleanliness and global preaching work. The home prints 41 million copies of The Watchtower and Awake! Yearly in nine languages, and ships Bible literature to Nigeria and five other countries in West Africa.

Not one of the volunteers receives a wage or salary. But everyone is entitled to a room, board and an allowance to assist with personal expenses.

Aside several offices, which house various departments, the centre also has at least six dormitories where the various volunteers stay, either as couples or single bethelites. While some of the bethelites are old people, others are young.

The home depends on two big boreholes for its water needs. After the water from the bore is treated, they are stored in big tanks .

Various fuel dispensers at the centre meet the fuel needs of the several cars and buses in the home. Many of the volunteers “walk” the centres with their personal bicycles or the ones belonging to the facility. Cars are basically meant to travel to far distant parts of Nigeria. 

There are also car wash centres and vehicle maintenance units that take care of the needs of the various cars in Bethel. The neatness of these units is a beautiful sight to behold for any tourists.  

Like every Nigerian home, the bethel facility does not depend on public generated electricity 100 per cent, but on four generators for its electricity power needs. Each of the generators, which calculate the power needs of the facility and switch on accordingly, is about 250 KVA. One interesting thing about these generators is that they are devoid of noise that often accompanies generators in most homes and firms.   

Underground drainage system ensures that the facility is never flooded and it is well drained even when it rains heavily. 

The home has standard football field, basketball court, and other sporting facilities for the residents.These facilities help the residents keep fit and healthy.

Ramat Park:
This circular park was constructed in memory of General Murtala Muhammad, Nigeria's one-time Military Head of State who was assassinated on February 13, 1976 in an abortive military putsch, The Bendel state decided to immortalize General Muhammad for the laudable role he played in the liberation of the former Midwestern state
now split into Edo and Delta states from the forced occupation of the State by rebel Biafran forces on September 20, 1967. Ramat park is at the intersection of Benin/Auchi and Benin/Agbor roads with a remarkably life-like bronze bust of the late head of State on a pedestal.Here is a well-maintained flora and park-seat for leisure seekers. The park opens from 7.30am to 8.00p.m daily. It also houses the Ikpoba Okha Local Government Council Marriage Registry
Okomu National Park:
This sanctuary is Nigeria first area of rain forest protected by the conservation laws It has an area of about 300 square kilometers and lies about 65 kilometers west of Benin City .The forest sanctuary has a unique assemblage of animal spices, about 3000 monkeys this include endangered white-throated monkeys seen as the cleverest and closest to man. Discover the rich variety of bird and
wildlife,one of the most important areas for bird in southern Nigeria . Of the eight national parks, Okomu is the onlyone located in the rain forest belt. The sanctuary has great potentials for sport fishing, boat excursions, birds and animal watching, botanical studies and so on.
Sokponba Holiday Resort:
This resort, a colonial settlement comprising of many bedrooms is situated in the heart of the rainforest in the sokponba forest reserve where games botanical resources gives the visitor some respite from the bustle of city life and is about 45 kilometers from Benin City. The complex is a true wildlife and recreation centre.


Afuze Sport Resort:
Located in Afuze,the headquarters of owan Local Government Area, about 130 kilometres from Benin.This sport resort has become an important training ground for sport men and women and has been earmarked for development into an Olympic standard trainning ground. The institute of physical .


Lampese Crocodile Lake:
Would you like to come with us to Crocodile Lake? Situated in Akoko Edo Local Government of Edo state north east of Benin City .you can watch the crocodiles come at sunset. Its a tourist attraction, there is no need to be afraid. An ideal place for fishing, safaris and many more. A tranquil savannah vegetation complete with a
beautiful sandy cove overlooked by a pleasant and sheltered. The bars and restaurants of Lampese are really of tropical nature they service several types of fresh fish, local fruits and traditional cuisine of Edo state, .beer,wine,gin,soft drinks both local and imported. You can try the native beverages; palm wine, Ogoro or Ogogoro{kai-kai} or can just relax and enjoy the glorious view or, alternatively,take a walk in the rocky area and enjoy the cool natural breeze to your face, that make Lampese so different .A taste of paradise and a welcome escape from the hustle.
Ososo tourist centre:
This centre is located atop the rocky area of Ososo in Akoko-Edo local government,north of Edo state. It presents a beautiful scenery for nature lovers and rock climbers. The tourist centre is an offshoot of a colonial rest house built in the 1930s.The first phase of a massive renovation programmed was commissioned in 1993 with a
VIP lodge four chalets and a main lounge consisting of a kitchen, restaurant and bar.
Udo Tourist Centre:
The centre is located at the Udo forest Reserve in Udo Village, Igueben Local Government Area, a distance of about 15 kilometers from Ubiaja.This centre developed from the Forestry Rest House built by Mr A.Ogbe, a renowned forest conservationist.In the 1970s, it served as a government retreat. The centre has a wildlife park which
includes some exotic animals donated by the late president Jomo kenyatta of kenya.
Amahor Waterside:
Located in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo state, west of Benin City, on the banks of the River Niger. Experience the impeccable hospitality of Esan {Ishan} people. When you visit Edo state be sure to visit Amahor Waterside. It has a character and charm of it own. This is a place where time stands still and unforgettable.
memories are made .Relaxing & friendly environment is certainly by natural design. The local food, the view & the entertainment are all part of the overall experience, trove of water sports, miles of River walk, parks, unobstructed water views and the most amazing sunsets. Inverness calling all Bride & Grooms Still deciding on where to have their honey moon we looks forward to welcoming you.
Somorica Hills:

Somorika is about five kilometers north east of lgarra and 165 kilometers from Benin city. The hills are a part of the rolling landscape of the Kukuruku range. The beauty of the scenery is the huge, hanging rocks that rest on one another.

Sand Beaches of Agenebode {Weppa Wanno}:
White Sand Beach of Agenebode is Situated in Etsako East Local Government, north of Edo State.Agenebode is sacattered over hills and valleys. The hilly nature of the terrain makes the weather cool most of the year. An ideal place to relax and unwind. Combining comfort convenience
and friendly environment,the WhiteSand Beaches makes you to enjoy all the advantages for a memorable stay. Go for it.splendid amenities tinged with the traditional Afemai hospitality, this sand beaches can be your perfect choice. The outstanding hotel amenities and Services will obviously make you to feel at home.For the convenient location of Agenebode make it a perfect haven for the tourists.The wide range of facilities and services along with splendid room facilities, a fantastic range to provide boarders with every bit of luxury possible.