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Sex Education And The Role OF Mothers


Inspite of all the well- meaning adult-run abstinence campaigns, many young people had already chosen their paths. And virginity wasn’t it. Proper sex education for both girls and boys at the appropriate age would reduce the incidence of unwanted pregnancies among teenagers. sex education should be carried out by experienced teachers, who themselves have exhibited high moral standards. The first teacher in this case should be the parent, especially mothers.

The time has come for you as a mother to determine what your priorities are. Is it good enough to get to the apex of your career while your children are placed on the slaughter as sacrificial lambs? Are you truly fulfilled doing well in business while your children continue to degenerate in morals and character?

Motherhood is serious business where you can’t afford to go on sabbatical. it is a full time venture if you’re a mother, ensure that you mother well, it rewards can never be compared to any material acquisition.

Nowadays, children find out more about sex on their own. this is because they are more responsive to outside instructors. children are exposed to so many things out there most of which may not be good for their moral well being. As a parent, you must create a conducive environment in the house to make your children listen to you when you are trying to teach them. Schools are also very effective because children are more apt to listen to a school teacher than their parents.

In a research article on sex Education in Islamic religion a three-year-old girl was said to have asked one of the professors, “why does mommy always tell me to sit and wee when brother fammy always stands to do it?”

Simple question indeed,. But how do you tell a three-year-old girl about the physiological features that make her different from her brother without impinging on the ‘don’t area’ of a religion.

This was just one among many issues for consideration at the presentation of various research findings on reproductive health within the context of Islam. Against common practice of keeping the child in the dark about issues relation to reproduction like sex, Islamic scholars and medical experts of Islamic inclination have said that educating the child about sex and the body does not infringe on the ideals of Islam.

The series of studies, show that knowledge on reproductive health among Muslims in various parts of Nigeria is still very low. The research also revealed that only about 53 per cent of males and 51 per cent of females in the selected areas of study could name at least one method of family planning with only nine per cent accepting that they can use condom.

One of the co-researcher in the study; stated that Muslims avoid family planning methods because of the feeling that it involves killing the life-making units of sperms and eggs.

They however, explained that such beliefs was out of place, saying that family planning methods or contraception prevents the eggs and sperm from fertilizing. It does not kill.

According to the research findings, the methods used such as pills, only mimic natural occurrences in the human body. The content of the pills are hormones, the body “produces normally to prevent fertilization in the female body there is a high level of misconception about family planning among Muslims and the effect was visible as Muslim young girls present the commonest cases of complication from abortion at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH)

From their names you could tell they are Muslims”, adding that abortion in Islam is out lawed except in a marriage when it constitutes health risk for the woman”.

The researchers also stated in their findings that the significant influence Islam has on politics, economy and cultural behaviours in the country was yet to rub off on reproductive health. The research also stated that Islam supports sex education provided that acts carried out in the process were not prohibited by the religion.

Previous studies in Nigeria have shown that 12 per cent of pregnancies in Nigeria results in abortion with nine per cent resulting in unplanned birth. A 1999 study said in Lagos State alone over 2,000 women died from abortion and over 3,000 had their wombs destroyed for life.

The researchers said the practice of Islam is friendly to positive reproductive health, noting, however, that the gap between the teaching of Islam and reproductive health was still wide.

From the research findings; it is clear that reproductive health, within the context of Islam is all about relationships between married couples. Sex outside marriage is not allowed.

On whether the use of Assisted Reproduction contravenes Islamic laws, it was held that although delayed childbearing could be God’s test for humanity, seeking a solution to infertility amounts to use of God-given knowledge to solve health problems.

According to one of the researchers Islam is not against people knowing about their bodies to ensure they stay alive and fit “you can imagine that some people who come to you for help on fertility do not have the basic knowledge of ovulation cycle. So, when you advice them and it works they think you have done magic. It just requires simple understanding of your body”.

To aptly wrap it up, mothers should be awake to their responsibilities because if you do not teach your child what he or she should know about sex, the internet or someone else will.

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