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Thor’s Day Deity In Culture

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With Ambrose Ekhosuehi {Last update 25/09/2017}

Thor’s day Deity was sacred to Thunor, Thor’ the thunder god. Thunor, Thor, Avan, Esango, shango according to legend was Scandinavian English, German, thunder god, son of Odin.
Odin was the senior of the four superhuman beings —gods, giants, whom the Almighty providence sent to rule the world. The other three were Baba of Babylon, khan-khian of Persia and Vbavba of Benin Kingdom.

Avan according to Benin folklore was a prince of Aboh who came with Ogiso’s daughter; his wife, and were fete with frog meat. Avan vehemently planted pepper fruit tree-Ako, and with an entreaty song Ako mwe tan re, Igiogio” the fruit grew and with it Avan and his wife climbed the tree and then entered into the sky-space to revenge the ill treatment.

Since then Avan is known as avannukhunmwu — Thunder. Vexing vehemently, thundering but his wife continuing appealing to him to cool down since not all mankinds did the offence but till date he avenge to stop evil doers in the society. There is astraphobia, morbid fear, horrible thoughts, of thunder especially for those who have no clear conscience.

Shango, Esango (Avan) is worshipped among the Benin1 Yoruba Esan, urhobo and Isoko as the deity — (god) of thunder. The deity is believed to throw “thunder bolts” — Avan (Neolithic celts) from the sky. The deity causes lighting to strike and to kill people who steal, or evil doers.

Thunor — shango worship is carried out with dancing and singing to the accompaniment of an instrumental ensemble consisting of two drums, egogo clapperless bells, ukoise esango gourd rattles.

Edo people regard the worship of Esango deity as the Yoruba origin. Traditionally, music in honour of shango is played on double membrane, conical bata drums, but it seems nowadays that double tension drums, and single membrane cylindrical drums similar to ema Olokun are often used instead.

Sometimes there is also a side-blown horn in the ensemble and there is similarity between Edo and Yoruba shango ceremonies as far as music is concerned, both have a special gourd rattle called ukoise-esango by the Edo and sere sango by the Yoruba, use only in shango ceremonies.

In myth symbolism, Jupiter was called the Thunderer and his chief weapon was the thunderbolt. His sacrifices were usually goats, cows and bulls. His attributes were the sceptre, a thunder bolt, an eagle and a figure of victory held in the hand.

Jupiter in Astrology is called the greater fortune. It not only brings abundance of materials benefits but also the source of philosophical wisdom. it teaches frequently by coming to the rescue at the last minute when all hope seems lost.

Jupiter typifies all that is jovial, optimistic, expansive, buoyant, positive and dignified in person. It is the good provider, the respecter and upholder of the Law, the generous and genial helper.

Jupiter is the strength that allows people to endure trials with philosophic steadiness in the knowledge that are in wisdom and experience; the great protector.

The thunder — Avan and Lightning produced a thunder storm and are caused by discharges between a cloud and the ground. Rising drops of moisture collide with others and with gas molecules and the friction disturbs the balance of charges, the surfaces of the cloud become charged with electricity which eventually discharges in a flash of lightning.

Lightning is one of the most spectacular sights of nature. It is simply a large spark of a current flowing between a clouds or within a cloud; and the thunderclaps are the effects of disturbances of the air by electrical discharge.

Lightning seeks the easiest path to earth through the air, the stroke branches out, occurs within a cloud, between the upper and lower layers which have different charges. The flow of current in a lightning flash is huge and can cause a great deal of damage, burning objects and electrocuting living things.

The fifth day of the week was sacred to thunor, the thunder deity, Thor’s day; nowadays Thursday is worshipped in various culture and else where tango dance is performed for the deity.

Thor, Thunor, shango or Avan, influence is expansive, creative, and prosperous, invariably bestows a great amount of good luck, either born with money provided with an income or becomes well off later in life. These men and women usually display great faith in their good fortune by being lavishly generous when economy is indicated. Easy come, easy go is often their attitude.

All human societies and cultures are subject to regular internal change but the general pattern of Life and shape of society remains the same. It sees culture as a continuous movement of ideas, symbols, languages, arts, cuisine, decor, costume and so on, in human societies.

Thor’s day, thunor the deity of thunder was as sacred as Thursday in the universal worship of divine divinity in culture
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