If I leave forever, it is not alright


Date & time Feb 24
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Is not that mostly for OSRS gold defense coaching however? I'll keep this in mind after but does anyone have some advantage recommendations? Have u thought on taking some armour their afterward when u low on health heal up and put your additional amour again if so I recomend just a torso and legs or somthing idk.

So not looking at the display and doing your assignments while fleshies are agg... isn't AFKing... unless it exceeds 5 mins. If you're at your computer, it's ok. If you move off to do homework, it is not. It does not even matter. To be frankly honest, considering they DO autolog you even when you are in combat at say, bandits, giant spiders and the other AFK'able training spots, I do not think anybody has gotten prohibited - and it wouldn't even be bannable, I'd presume - out of AFK'ing.

It is not like Jagex has a movie camera of you while you're playing. But, yeah, even if you move away then yes technically you are AFK but browsing youtube while fishing, or even doing homework while fishing is fine. Thanks! This is the kind of response I was looking for. What I have heard:If I'm still there, it's alright. If I leave for a minute for the bath or something, it is alright.

If I leave forever, it is not alright. It is alright as in you will not get banned, but it is still technically bannable. However, considering how hard it is to prove - I'm pretty certain Jagex doesn't know if you're browsing forums or whatever - it does not matter. If I am on the computer, it is still alright? Everything is alright. You won't get banned for AFK training. The entire concept is ridiculous to me. They basically are only attempting to buy RS gold induce you to be around Runescape as much as possible.

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