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Paint by numbers are instructional kits with a transparent board on which dry, light-colored markings to mark specific places to paint, each area gets a number and corresponding numbered paint to apply. The kits usually come with small compartmentalized boxes in which the corresponding numbered color pigments are kept. These pigments can be easily accessible by placing the small transparent boxes on the appropriate spots on the board. The application of these paints is quick and easy and you don't require any additional supplies such as brushes or rags. You only need to make some small adjustments on the board before you start working on the project.

This is an instructional how-to that teaches you how to paint by numbers using only basic and minimum supplies. In this how-to, I'll discuss using a simple palette in painting one color at a time. You will also learn about various applications of a few paint colors for creating various effects. Finally, I'll show you how to create smooth borders and also add some dimension to the image by using multiple colors.

The first thing you'll do in this how-to is to prepare the supplies. For this, you will need three standard painting tubes: one for acrylic paint; one for oil paints; and one for water-based mediums such as acrylic and oil. Other supplies needed including rags and brushes. Rags and brushes are used for mixing paints and for applying them to shapes and surfaces.

The next step is to choose the project you want to paint. A good idea would be to choose simple designs or artwork such as flowers, numbers, and circles. Next, you will need to have at least two colors ready since you're going to add other colors onto those already present. With that said, it's better to have all the paint ready when you start painting. It's always easier to go slow when you're working on a big scale project such as a painting. Also, you can experiment with different colors and blends to make your project unique and memorable.

Once you're ready with your canvas, you should already have a layout ready on your computer. If you don't have one yet, it's time to download one from the Internet so that you can get an idea on how your project will look on your finished canvas. It's best if your layout has consistent shapes and sizes throughout the image. It makes it easier for the painting process since you can easily follow along with it. Here's a link that you can use: download a blank canvas.

Before painting, it's best that you first sketch out on paper the particular colors and shapes that you intend to use for your painting. Make sure that you match up the colors with the corresponding shapes and areas of your layout. For instance, you can use different shades of a single color by creating vertical bars on your layout. You can also paint different hues and shades onto the top layer of your canvas in order to create depth.

For now, you're ready to start painting! To create highlights or more defined colors, use a smaller brush. When applying highlights, use a larger brush and apply it carefully and evenly. Apply the paint very slowly with a steady even stroke.

Make your drawing a canvas masterpiece with the use of paint by numbers canvas. Use the right blend of colors and textures that perfectly match the objects' shapes. You can even play around with the contrast and lightness depending on what you want. Now that you know how to paint by numbers, start practicing the art of fine arts today.

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