Not all purchases are a simple VC buyout


Date & time Nov 24
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It's very likely to NBA 2K22 MT not score the goal of the season in the first place. In the future, your opponents will likely be armed with badges, cards, and even upgrades. While there could be more prizes to come, having access to all the seasonal prizes is still a huge advantage.

Not all purchases are a simple VC buyout. Many prizes and upgrades can only be bought with other currencies. This is a great thing because it means that they are real-world purchases that are affordable for everyone.

People who are stuck in an VC mindset can be great when it comes to auction home items and packs but they will miss out on some of the finest equipment available only by turning in tokens and MyTeam (MT) coins. Make sure to Buy MT 2K22 prioritize these currencies over VC.

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