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Smarthuiyuan Aug 1
I am with ya guy, and that is how it starts and how they prey on us. When you're a child with no money but plenty of Madden 21 coins free time you will devote the hours to construct a team on the cheap. When you are older and love video games that you understand time is money and you've got the resources to"skip steps" with money since you don't need 4-5 hours a day to play games however you still wish to compete online. It's a slippery slope and it disturbs me that my pals and I could have had the exact same experience playing 3v3 franchise in the bottom $60 cost in a much more balanced playing field. The entire situation is getting out of hands and I want to help stop it before individuals with less funds and serious gambling/gaming addictions legitimately ruin their own lives to pad EA's profit margins. Maybe I am out there but I overlook the innocent days of gambling for a child as it didn't feel so dirty like everything was about money and market share dominance.

They literally just re-upped the contract that spring. So that being said, EA paid something like $1.5B? Because that is their fastest avenue to profit and ROI from a business standpoint, all their resources are sinking to MUT. Provided that players keep dumping cash into MUT cards else will be said by them. NFL got paid so what do they care today. Even if 80 percent of their fan base wants franchise mode and single player upgrades, if we just spend $60 base cost for Madden 21 hence represent 20 percent of their earnings. guess what? The other 20 percent of individuals represent 80 percent of their revenue since they are spending a lot on card packs. It's not about the majority of people, it is about the majority friendos, of the profit pie chart.

Yup. Would be to boycott Madden 21, but realistically that will not happen. The sad thing is it's young kids that are addicted to spending money on MUT to buy packs, in which they may or may not get something good. It is actually gambling. The UK appear to have awakened to this hope whoever regulates EA and Madden does too. However as I said, money makes the world go around, so I am convinced a blind eye will probably be turned.Yes, I would say our greatest chances of things shifting would be to see loot boxes (card packs) prohibited in some manner. The US has been more lenient and EA's contracts with private rights and all the NFL is definitely based. It's here to stay for the near future and with that said, EA's new motto is"Ultimate Team or GTFO".

Out of interest how would/do rules surrounding MUT Packs compare to things like Pokemon/YuGiOh/Magic card packs. One is not likely to be left useless/worthless in 12 weeks time, and can be truly owned. But only got me thinking, since I recall spending idiotic money on card packs as a child hoping to get a holographic or uncommon card. Or I guess to keep in the digital space? I really don't have experience with this match, but from my understanding exactly the exact same assumption of buy Mut 21 coins buying electronic booster packs in hopes of catching a rare card is different.