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Xiamu Aug 4
While I know they made random events simpler because they have better at discovering robots through other procedures, I would love to see that the old arbitrary events and wish you could go into them. Nothing like stepping out to use the toilet and coming back which makes you his bitch. They didnt make random events ignorable because of bot detection methodes. They did because we fucking hated needing in the mime arbitrary every 15 mins. You think you want this, but trust me, you really don't.

Random events certainly were not every 15min also it was something like the mine event. Arbitrary events inconvenienced you and they were set into RuneScape to get around. But then I have just been playing so what do I understand. That was a short-term solution to break the robots but could have been countered as robots only got increasingly more advanced. Anti botting constantly kept up with all the bot makers.

I always did this as a child when killing Ankous for money. Never said it wasn't put to fight bots. Read again. I am saying they removed it because players despised it, not due to combating botters.I still don't understand how present bots are able to bypass randoms. How can you write an app that understands when a random is there? Does it scan the display looking for color pixels of random event NPCs? How does it"know" a haphazard is happening?

Plus every single action, item, and surroundings object has its own unique ID. It knows which random it's since the figures ID is read by it, then it knows what to do out there. As fandoms can now be dismissed, they dismiss them. Or more bots would log out before they would be solved by them. Is the ID readable with the players? They ought to make it that info can't be read by them, so customers do not know IDs of anything. Because that's just how games and coding work, your computer should observe the ID of the items so that the servers along with your input can correctly communicate. If you hide the ID of everything, the machine has no way of understanding what you're interacting with or what it is you are doing.

Every game has robots, but they are less common because bots in matches are not as rewarding or RuneScape is so complex that it takes work. Plus RuneScape has been along long that bot makers gave nearly two years of experience.

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