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Smarthuiyuan Aug 7
It's that time of the year once I start deciding which version of madden I wish to get. I always try and let me to just get standard. Save the 30-$50, and use that on packs if I want to Mut 21 coins spend money. However, I end up depositing the money to acquire the version possible. Usually you can get the version cheaper if you have ea accessibility or loyalty. I'm on the fence. With the MVP edition you really do get a Lamar Jackson elite item, will this be his base elite? We'll find out soon. The large quicksell is cool and the 17 gold group dream packs are nothing mad. However, the selling point is going to be the three day early access (and Lamar) that it is also possible to get the with all the deluxe.

But you don't get Lamar together with the deluxe and you also get 12 gold team dream packs rather than 17. Im undeceive because I'm the MUT player that does not touch on the internet for a few weeks untill I've built my team through solos and earned free players and coins. So the"extras" you get day 1 may become of small use to me (besides Lamar Jackson if it's his foundation elite, he will be good for a month, and also more IF you can power up him ). I'm not sure whether that is possible, but if you're able to combine ea access with the in game madden discount, you can maybe get the MVP edition to $80 about, which if that is true, I'll most likely get that.

The edition that is MVP. There's too much value for me personally in it as a MUT player and it valuable NOT to do if you're a regular MUT player. Like, forget online for a minute. Possessing to get my coin stack prepared to grab those up large elites that undersell since nobody has completed solos to gain a coin stack is TOO great. By starting off fine 4, you can be really carried out throughout the year. But besides that, $30-50 in packs probably could not net you something greater than a complete Lamar, his power up, 17 opportunities at someone like Tyreek/Mahomes, and training (that can be at its most valuable at the beginning ). Use those 3 days and get a coin pile.

Ever since I spent a lot of time and millions of coins to get rookie premier im gonna acquire madden year. However if I get it at start or I wait until the fall if its cheaper, im getting the standard, regular game. Im done giving EA some extra cash for Madden 21 till they really change their approach. MVP baby. You know you are gonna be dissatisfied but pay up anyway. Not gonna make perks and simple packs. If you can't afford an extra $20 why are you on this sub when you ought to be on the corner. I don't think not needing to invest an extra $40 for virtual things means you should be holding a cardboard sign up.

What could be inserted into Madden 21 Franchise mode

Nothing is going to be added. There may be a few bug fixes, but that is about it. The sole reason I say that is because most of Madden 21 engineers (perhaps not the developers( but engineers) will likely be committed to removing germs found in the Beta and from testers. And finishing off the product before it ships. It will not be until a few weeks to Madden 21's release the engineers will be free to cheap mut coins madden 21 implement any features that may or may not get developed in this time. Think about Superstar KO didn't come until September.