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mohamaod Nov 21

General objectives of the course:

Comic مادة We Can الصف الخامس الإبتدائي 1443 هـ تحاضير درس

Identify the ecosystem and its components and compare between global environmental systems.

2- Understand the concept of community, environmental factors, living creatures and their factors.

3- Clarifying the types of vitality and the concept of desert, comparing local forests and identifying them.

4- Identify the causes of deterioration, ways to preserve them, and suggested solutions to them.

5- Learn about the ways to protect the environment and the different solutions to preserve and protect the environment

6- Getting to know the local authorities and their role in maintaining and protecting their plans.

7- Understand the most important problems and identify their causes and how to avoid them.

تحاضير درس let’s play مادة We Can الصف الخامس الإبتدائي 1443 هـ

 It is a specialized branch of science that studies the interrelationships between living creatures with their environments

Biosphere: The part of the Earth that supports life

  :- They are the living components in the environment of living creatures

Abiotic factors: They are the non-living components in the environment of a living creature

Calendar :

Q1: Do you know what?

Q2:- Compare between biotic and abiotic factors?

Q: What is meant by atmosphere?