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I could not get Phantasy Star Online 2 to stop breaking

I attempted every single recommended fix, including PSO2 Tweakers launcher piggybacking on the Windows Stores first 11GB download, but pso2 sales the results rarely lasted over a few hours with repeated attempts of starting Phantasy Star Online 2 times throughout the day. While the lobby fix of renaming the launcher did assist in cutting performance hitches, I could not get Phantasy Star Online 2 to stop breaking itself, until the most recent upgrade that PSO2 Tweaker released, which allows for gamers to circumvent the folder hierarchy Windows imposes, and set up Phantasy Star Online 2 outside of where the Windows Store can touch. The setup instructions for PSO2 Tweakers standalone installment appeared simple enough, however, it was not without its share of problems.

The first install downloaded Phantasy Star Online 2 following a couple repeated efforts at closing and reopening the program. After the setup, you need to change the application permissions to developer mode, and execute a powershell script as an administrator to permit the Microsoft Store to comprehend and provide the credentials you need to run Phantasy Star Online 2. My first attempt at this wasn't successful. I had been receiving several errors associated with not having the ability to download the necessary files. I had to go through several manual powershell controls to reach the point where I could conduct the powershell script properly to eventually get Phantasy Star Online 2 to launch.

Phantasy Star Online 2's issues, I feel, were not only entirely preventable, but they have let down a great deal of players who've been looking ahead to Phantasy Star Online 2 for the larger part of 8 decades. Anyhow, at no point was I ever barred completely from Phantasy Star Online 2, as I could have jumped back over to my XBOX, but the difficulties players have experienced fall well out of easy"launching day issues". At best, the disappointment gamers believe towards Microsoft and SEGA to handle a job as straightforward as maintaining Phantasy Star Online 2 installed is completely justified, and deserves more than a simple apology. At worst, Phantasy Star Online 2 may have eradicated the willingness of new players to stick it out until things get better. Occasionally you only get 1 shot to make a first impression, and also in the very least, Phantasy Star Online 2 has me much more wary of utilizing the Microsoft Store later on.

With all that being said, and a weeks-worth of headbanging and keyboard slapping from the rearview mirror, the third party PSO2 Tweaker eventually got me into a country where I could reliably conduct Phantasy Star Online 2, at least up to this point. No, it was not easy, and it certainly hasn't been the sort of experience I expected, but I can't deny the PC version, after fixed, is far superior in many ways into the XBOX One version. For those that were having difficulty, for those that are interested in enjoying PSO2 now, there's a path to playable, paved by a community which refused to give up.

Phantasy Star Online 2 launched eight years back from Japan, but had been attracted to western beaches only lately thanks to fan demand and Microsoft's involvement. It's easy to assume Sega's action-MMO has missed the boat, what with Elder Scrolls Online, World of Warcraft, and Final Fantasy XIV all hoarding the vast majority of the genre fanbase in their thrall. How could a near-decade old game dream to buy PSO2 Meseta compete against such juggernauts?
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