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Ok the other day me and my buddy knight nine

Smithing- The cheapest way to OSRS gold get it up would be by smelting Iron Bars, about 1k of these to Iron Plates with about 7-8 rings of smelting. I earn a profit, but that is because I don't buy my ingredients. I make pizzas and potatoes usually. I grind my own grain and then turn into pizza bases, farm the tomatoes, and make the cheese from milk I get myself. For the toppings, pinapples are observed on Karamja or I fish anchovies in Catherby. The potatoes are farmed or picked (If I'm feeling lazy). Again, the toppings, whether or not it's just corn or cheese and tuna, are all farmed made/farmed/fished.Proceed to the gnome stronghold. Here, you are able to cut yews or magical trees in case you have a high enough level or if you dont then there is loads of flax with approximately 6 or 5 spinning wheels along with a bank near. Get possibly a spoonful of flax, twist them for bowstrings and you should nearly be there however to cope with your short attention span I have a small tip I use because I have exactly the identical thing. View t.v whilst you perform with. It works for me because I watch the programme however loose intrest so turn into rs and then envision between both. If you dont think about acquiring a k as it will take a while consider it as polishes like state to yourself"I will get 280 bow strings and go do something else for a while" or say"I will get 280 bowstrings, sell them the purchase the following 280" it stops you from getting bored because every so often you move around assisting facilitate boerdom.

Ok the other day me and my buddy knight nine (you may know him as Khorne on sals) went hunting... my stats are 50 assault 66 str 60 hp 40 def 31 beg and 72 mage along with 66 cb, his stats were 60 assault 60 str 40 def 17 beg 65 cb. Our equippment has been... Me: coif, rune chain, rune kite, de hide vambs d hide legs and str ammy. Him: coif, rune chain, rune kite, studded chaps, str ammy, gloves.

At first we fought a level 75 rev, which assaulted me most of the time... it took up about half of my food and couldnt hit me with magical cuz my high mage lvl. . We struggled a lvl 60 goblin... we ruined it fairly simple and quick. Then we decided to quit and proceed mining nearby edgville... While there got attacked by a lvl 63 or something rev that nearly killed me on my way from the crazy. Khorne was at bank at the time he obtained complete food and proceeded to attack it while I receive food. We decided to pj it because it was a non multi. Continuosly we switched attacking it and once I ran out of food, I'd bank while he fought visa versa... This continued until we wasted about 4 loads of food each on the same rev!

Therefore my question is.... How come we could own lvl 75 revs and lvl 60s revs on just 1 load of food each while we couldnt kill a lvl 63 with 4 heaps of food?? It was ridicoulous that the rev didnt stop healing... I even used attack and str beg to attempt and kill him but to no avail... eventually we gave up and ran off but would be revs suppose to be this strong? I mean they are unlike any other monster I've fought... they even suspend you and Old School RuneScape Gold farcast... PLZ GIVE strategies TO KILL THESE THINGS IF POSSIBLE... and I locate rev searching for a battle thats y I do it.... But I never expected them to be this great.