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Hi, I discovered this article online I am not positive

Hi, I discovered this article online I am not positive if it's true and the guys in al kharid did not drop any thing. But I noticed a participant long back when I was a newbie and OSRS gold asked her what sort of armour she had on and she said"satan oracle." Some 1 help me! I found this on the web read it. You need to have a good weapon, addy or better is suggested. Then visit Al-Kharid and kill 10 men. The final one should drop a reddish clue scroll. Now you have to read it. It's in a code, but here's the broken code: Go to the graveyard of those cursed souls, to find what should not be found. Take a sacred relic and kill a Demon of the Lesser kind. Take the remains and destroy three spirits, Scorpius Realm.

This means go to the Forgotten Graveyard and search in a coffin. You should find a Dictionary of Hell. Take this and a holy symbol and kill a lesser demon. The final one should drop a Necklace of Hell. Go to the bank and get LOTS of food! Now, once youve done this, utilize the Necklace. It should cause you to hell. You'll need to kill three Level 100 Blood Demons. Following this, Satan will appear. He could hit a maximum of 25 plus a minimum of 15. Once he is dead, he'll drop the revered and rare"Satan Oracle Armor" set. Congrats! You simply got the rarest armor at the game! It could be sold for up of 200M for each region of the armor. (Thats the gloves, boots, legs, body, helm, cape, ring, and protect.)

I'd gotten the doll from the Witch and implemented bothe Iban's Ashes (in the burnt tomb) and Iban's Shadow (from the demons)-- but then I and died in the spider place during a lag before I managed to assault Kalrag (the giant spider). I managed to recover a doll from the dwarf Niloof but I couldn't seem to attack the Giant Spider! I got no gym on the spider when I try to attack it and did not appear to track it either. Additionally, once I attempted to retarget the spider it said"I am already under attack".

I then thought perhaps the problem was that I had used Iban's Shadow and Iban's Ashes in the incorrect order. I really couldn't remember which I'd used the Shadow or the Ashes and I didn't know whether the order really mattered. In accordance with two quest manuals I looked at I was supposed to utilize the Shadow prior to the Ashes. However, my in-game pursuit list showed that I must have employed the Ashes first. My quest list also revealed that I still needed to use these two items on cheap RuneScape gold the doll. I was able to acquire more Shadow but when I attempted to relight the grave to secure more Ashes I was told"You have already collected the ashes in the tomb."