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A possible exception is if bilrach goes

I don't know about you but the RS gold guild was already quite crowded before the update to resource-dungeons. Lots of coal and a few miths were a hit with players who wanted to heat up ore while mining. I believe that this update could bring an average of about a couple more players to the guild. Okay, well I'm a bit of a spammer asking for advice on accounts. In reality, I don't want to train more than one account.

I have one level 78 account. It's my member account. He's very weak and has only 2 mil. I set a goal for myself to attain 70 levels of skill for this account. But i'm not sure. (His skills can be found in my signature.

My second account: I've set myself goals of 40 attack, 60 strength and 70 range and magic. (Currently, this is the account I'm training on. My third account is a general one. However, its combat skills are about 30-40 for each of them. It could be enhanced.

My fourth account consists of the skilled player. Apart from the level 78, none of the four members is my fourth account. I have a question: Which should I stick to, and which should I work on?

I would like to raise my 78 level, however im not sure where to begin to earn some money. However, i would love to work on my pure account (the first one I mentioned), but he must be upgraded. What can I do? What should I do?

We all know (or at the very least, suspect) that jagex may be guiding quest lines for a sequel to god wars, but nobody knows how they will bypass barriers already established in the storyline (namely the laws of Guthix). Is this your opinion? What god will initiate it? Which mahjrahart can be elevated to godhood? What will be the epic nature of the god wars?

I think that the god wars could be triggered by bilrach... unknowingly. I believe that guthix (yes, guthix) is sleeping in the daemonheim's bottom. Bilrach plans on repeating the rise of zamorak as god by banishing Guthix. With guthix gone and his edicts, Zaros will easily surpass saradomin or zamorak (he was superior to them in second age). .

A possible exception is if bilrach goes on Zamoraks' side. Zamorak is most likely to be Zaros's first target. Zaros's second strike due to the first stage failing. It would also cause the collapse of gielenor into godwars. A lot of other people will move to the plane, furthering this conflict. Lucien might or may not be cheap RuneScape gold elected to power before then.