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The Mainland seems to be based largely on Europe

The Mainland seems to OSRS Gold be based largely on Europe or at least its culture. Karamja appears to be a representation of Africa by its vast jungles, populated by tribesmen. In earlier European time, Africa was seen as the "Heart of Darkness," an area of mystery and death. But it isn't right now. It's old. It's also quite small, at best in comparison to other regions of the nation. It isn't a high-quality site.

Legends Quest was originally introduced to symbolize the "heartof darkness" feeling that is associated with Africa. Now, however the Legends Quest is completed and Karamja feels less dark.

Do you think that developers need to redo regions in the map to ensure that they can add more content for the Karamja and the mainland regions? Do you think it's too complicated? Although it's not an easy task, it will keep the old fields exciting and new for many high-level players.

There are also the Eastern lands. These seem to be representative of Asia. We have been hearing about them for some time currently, mostly from the salesmen selling bolt racks in Mortyania but very little information is given on them and it is unclear if they actually exist or are coming out. Are you positive that these are ever going to be made available? If yes what size are they likely to be?

Runescape takes place only in the northern half of the world. The top of the map is frozen like the north pole, while the bottom of it is scorching hot like the Equator. Are we going to have the southern hemisphere? It's not necessary to respond to each point in this point, I'm simply asking a few questions to discuss. Personally, I believe they need to redo the mainland and Karamja so they can expand the area and Old School RuneScape Gold include more content. However, I don't know about the technical issues that this could cause.