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The next step is to determine the factor

The next step is to OSRS Gold determine the factor that I believe in you. It cost me 38k. A person would not take my life. But, that's where the subject's title comes in. Are there any trustworthy players who would be willing to recharge me with their glory ammy? You would be paid however I'm not sure the amount you'd like to pay.

If I was aware that someone required a charged ulet, I would trade the one that was charged from my bank for the uncharged. Similar to the difference. I would then go ahead and charge the one that was charged after I had finished with the other amulets I have. It's a good idea to charge the uncharged one if you own several.

It's a great idea to keep a few of them in case you are involved in grinding your bones. You often go back and forth between Edgeville Bank. If you see me on the internet, this is the thing I would do.

I will be armed with the inventory and the above equipment to enter the mid-level crater. I will drink only a tiny amount of ranging potion and make use of the prayer potions when necessary. I will pray Protect Item, Protect From Melee, Eagle Eye. I will then conduct bounty locate. I'll put on the Dark Bow special on, and then cast Ice Burst. You can then take on them using the Dark Bow Special.

Switch to Drag Dagger (p ++), and Buy RuneScape Gold then use the special. If my target doesn't die, I will go and stock up on supplies, if not. Let me know if think this is a good plan or any other ideas. I have 150m.