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The miniquest is finished when you've completed three miniquests

The miniquest is finished when OSRS Gold you've completed three miniquests. I will work on the quest shortly. These are the requirements. Coup de Slug. Kennith’s Concerns, Rum Deal. 46 Slayer. 51 Agility. 31 Herblore. 49 Fishing. 56 Firemaking.

Talk with Tiffy Cashien about the Temple Knight base, and he'll take you to the Temple Knight base. At this point you can begin the mini-quest if you wish to, or just ignore it. You have the option. Callon is the Temple Knight Commander. Callon will notify you of an investigation of the activities of the Mother Mallum and will request you to research any new leads you have discovered.

You appear to be very alert. Do you know if any new leads been discovered? You don't seem to be aware of much about Kennith, but that is an actual fact. Who is he? He's a young man from Witchaven. Now, you'll describe what transpired during Kennith's Concerns. I'll launch an investigation immediately. Because you're a Proselyte, and most closely associated with the investigation I'll assign you charge. I have a second mission, though. I'd like you to return a live sea slug.

It's not easy. What if I could bring you another aquatic mind control animal? Well, if you could find one I suppose we should have a look at it even if they have nothing to do with this. Okay, to find the "other mind control creature", go to Braindeath Island via Pirate Pete and catch a few sluglings and the Karamthalu like you did during the quest. Bring it to Callon for analysis and you'll be sent to ask questions about Kennith.

In order to do this, you'll need to go to the fishing platform and find the fisherman in his room. Ask him how he got these powers during Kennith's concerns He will then begin screaming and whining as the kid he's. Savant will be able to use his Commorb to determine if he is normal. Return to Witchhaven and look for the skin of people with yellow and you'll see that Buy OSRS Accounts the slugs who control them aren't receiving orders from the Mother Mallum suggesting that the events in Kennith's concerns were simply a ruse to distract the Temple Knights so the Mother Mallum could flee.