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Since magic is now allowed for no reason

Garrosh's upbringing and training There wasn't always a way to do it that Burning Crusade Classic Gold way. Although he often fell sick as a kid but he wasn't always in a way. It stands to reason that Garrosh, and other orcs in the young age group, would have received training and guidance from older orcs or those recuperating to help protect villages from invading clans such as angry elementals, raging clans, or ogres. My memory isn't as sharp and I'm sure that Garrosh is portrayed early on as being the top orc in Garadar combat wise as well as his inactivity is a relatively recent thing before we even get to. Garrosh is also depicted in the books as a character who battles with the Kor'kron each day. The battles he engaged in against Cairne are described as powerful and skilled, but his youth was obscured and his confidence was damaged due to Cairne's experience. Saurfang also declared him to be a formidable warrior, having few rivals when it came down to combat but his leadership lacking and often couldn't see the bigger picture because he was too used to the up close and direct view. He was also unaware of his genetic predisposition to becoming an incredibly tough warrior (he is originally from the Warsong clan). Garrosh is an excellent warrior with very few shortcomings.

My impression is that Thrall had lost his abilities and let them slide in favour of his shamanistic powers. Garrosh's genetics as well as his skill are also the reason Garrosh won until Thrall used elements to summon them.

Thrall isn't quite sure what he's fighting for. He's not fighting Garrosh in an attempt to convince him of the wrongness of his ways or to take him down, he's fighting him for the sake of feeling guilty. Garrosh on the contrary on the other hand, knows precisely what he is fighting for- - to inflict punishment on Thrall. Garrosh is kicked by Thrall until Thrall realizes that there is no chance to save him, and that Garrosh must be dealt with.

All in all, Garrosh has tons of prior experience facing tough enemies. With Gorehowl out of the way, he could have defeated Thrall in the first Mak'gora. After cutting Thrall off from the elements, he easily defeated Thrall during their subsequent fight. It's only natural that he'd be victorious in their third bout before the element came into play.

Since magic is now allowed for no reason, it does make little to no sense to think that all Orc Warchiefs and leaders are warriors and not magic users. Don't forget that magical users in the warcraft universe possess more cataclysmic power than non-magic users. Thrall is a hero's child and upright. He's taller and more powerful than other orcs. He became more supple as he got more attuned to the elements and began to practice Shamanism. As a result, Garrosh as a hero's son, never stopped honing cheap WOW TBC Gold his skill with the blade. He's also known for his strength in warcraft.