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The Edo People
« on: July 06, 2015, 06:26:08 PM »
Please note that Afenmai Esakon is not Ivbiosakon. Owan East & West was known as Ivbiosakon.

Okpame was the same person as Uguan, which was his nickname. The Son he left behind at Uokha was {"Erian Ekpen" after the Leopard meat drying fire used to commemorate the birth of the Edo Prince}ORA EKEN, the Father of Eleven Children & progenitor of Ohia ORA, Ovbiohkain ORA Evbiobe [Sabongida ORA}, Uhonmora ORA, OKE ORA & Eme ORA. The other was Uzanna [the Father of Ozalla].
You also did not explain Edia the Mother of the present dynasty & her role in Ida.
Ora Eken was the First Son of OBA Ozoloa.
The ruling Families in Lagos, Ondo, Akure, Owo, Onitsha & Owerri are all of Edo Ancestry.
The problem of Okpame with Esan was that they killed his Father Eware N ogidigan.

From: William Izedomi Ohirein