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Information on Ughoton
« on: July 06, 2015, 07:10:11 PM »
I wish to commend you for this web site. Really packed with information.

I want to know if you can help me get specific information on Ughoton.
I am from Ughoton originally, but over the years my great grand father, Prince Omigie, who happened to be a son to the 'Olukwuzowo' (I don't know the meaning actually or correct spelling), but I waas told it was some kind of ambassadorial position, incharge of Uhumwonde area. Over the years, prince Omigie migrated to Esan land, Urohi, and founded his own camp, Eko-Omigie, or Agor-Omigie.

Please, can you help get information on the family? At moment we claim we are from Esan west, but my grand mother gave me Nosakhare when I was born. It is my desire to re establish ties with my original village, but I need more info on Ughoton!