Author Topic: Edo men relationship.  (Read 3640 times)


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Edo men relationship.
« on: July 05, 2015, 08:47:39 PM »
Sorry but edo men have a bad name in nigeria for abuse, lack of communication, lack of conversation, so many problems that people who are informed of them are running away from them.
The edo community has produced genetically abusive men. You have to do something about your adhd, autism and dyslexic problems. I say that the reason edo men have problems is due to polygamy, having so many wives and not knowing them problem and seeing them on a visual level rather than a virtual level. this over the generations has caused perception problems. I am in a relationship with an edo man and its like communicating with an alien. He does not understand conversation, his conversation is always arguments, quarrelling etc. i hate him. His world is about dressing nice. polygamy has ruined the psyche of the benin city or edo man.