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Choosing A Life Partner

By Cassius Lamai (28-09-2016)

Life primarily is about choice and choosing, that is why I believe that our life and destiny is controlled by what we choose by ourselves. In other words, we reap what we sow, it is this thought that we should ensure that we give proper consideration to the requirements of choosing a life partner because a wrong choice can destroy the essence and purpose of one’s life with consequences.

Therefore, before one get to make a reasonable choice, it is highly essential that one knows the purpose of having a life partner. It could be for business, friendship or for marriage, one to live with and share a sexual relationship with for the rest of his/her life.

There exist a variety of considerations that propel one to choosing a particular person it could be the gait, manners, complexion, height or even educational qualifications, it is after these considerations have come into play that one move ahead to communicate the feelings in ones heart to the opposite sex or even accept such communications. But for the purpose of this write up we shall consider what I call some of the rules/considerations you have to check before choosing a life partner.

Love is the greatest of all things, it is on these you anchored every other things. It should be your first priority because it is what propel you before you finally decide to approach the opposite sex. It should not be selfish, it should be giving without expecting to receive, it should be patient and above all, enduring.

Mental capabilities is highly essential when choosing a life partner, nevertheless, this should not be mistaken for academic qualifications more especially in the underlying psychologically fact that men find it hard to approach ladies with qualifications higher than theirs and vice versa because in marriage, workability is based on the moral and physical commitment rather that individual mental or academic capabilities thus we should not becloud our sense of choice of a life partner.

Tradition is also a crucial factor In modern Africa society where intra-family relationship plays a vital role, it could extent to tribal and even village settings. It would be proper to have a thorough knowledge of the tradition and customs of the person you wish to choose, this will save you from embarrassing moment when you have to face your spouse’s family.

Social class is another issue in the choice of a life partner, some people come from a poor socio-economic class while others are from either the middle or upper class. A lady from a high socio-economic class may not easily give in to a man from a lower class, some men even make the mistake of rushing into marriage because the lady is from a higher social class, marriage under this contract often crumbles because of the huge class gap.

Medical history is one of the important aspect to consider when choosing a life partner after love, you have to know your spouse’s blood group, HIV status, medical history if there had been any previous operation, allergies etc, this will save you from visiting the hospital frequently or having offspring who may be carriers of certain ailments such as sickle cell.

Some people still consider religion before choosing a life partner, all denomination hold very strongly belief the fear of God. This belief underscores the Christianity and Islam. What would-be couples should not allow religion to be a major determinants of their love relationship and choice of marriage partner. The vogue now is that most ladies usually base their choice of life partner on academic qualifications, some men usually consider same for women before they get involved in the affairs, women in most cases love men who posses higher qualifications than theirs while men on the other hand often fear ladies with higher qualifications. What we should have in minds before going into life partnership is not the qualifications one has that is the marriage but the individual is commitment to the marriage course.

Being impatient is generally for the ladies who when often times get to the age bracket of between 25-30 years they tend to engage any body who comes their way so that they can get out of the single bracket. This should not be so as it tends to make them desperate in the eyes of men who in turn may take advantage of them.

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