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Sometimes the ‘spur-of-the-moment’ encounter is the best kind of fun!


IT’S no secret that sex in  the office is as commonplace as sex in anywhere convenient – all you need is a little bit of privacy and a lot of ingenuity.

But, have you ever thought of avenging a wrong by giving yourself an earth-shattering bunk? And, in the office? When this happened to Gbemi, she swore revenge sex was the furtherest from her mind when she was dumped by her boyfriend of two years. “I was doing my youth service in a big office when John dumped me,” she said. “It was a dream office to work in and I wanted to make a good impression as I was hoping to be invited to stay permanently. But concentrating on my job was almost impossible.

“I was staring on the computer, not really concentrating when the supervisor sent for me. He wasn’t that much older and he was really good looking.

We had chatted a few times, but he’d never stepped out of line. ‘Are you OK?” He now asked, concerned. ‘You don’t seem to be yourself and you ignored me just a few minutes ago when  I said hello’. I hadn’t even noticed him then. I told him what happened with my boyfriend and he said John must be a complete idiot to let me go. I instantly welled up. Seeing my tears, he came over and patted me on the back ‘Why don’t you go home?’

He asked. It was already break time and most of the office was deserted.

I told him I couldn’t. That it would look bad to management as I’d already been off-sick a few times.

“As he consoled me, his body felt so warn and protective as I moved in closer, surprised I was feeling really turned on! He must have sensed this change in me because he suddenly kissed me and I kissed him back. He pushed me against his locked door and we continued kissing passionately.

In that instant, all the hurt and anger I felt towards my ex turned into pure animal lust – all I cared about was having him there and then! He quickly glanced out of his office to make sure his secretary had left before repositioning me behind the closed door. He was so energetic and strong as we had frantic sex right there in his office! I was totally lost in the moment – and it felt intoxicating!

“Afterwards, he smirked with satisfaction. ‘Wow’; he gasped.” Your ex is a real idiot. That was amazing. How do you feel now?’ “Great,” I assured him. ‘That was a real tonic’; “Glad I could be of assistance,” he cheekily replied before peeping out of his office to make sure the coast was clear so I could make a clean get away!.

“Not long after, John, my ex begged me to take him back, that leaving me was a mistake. I told him where to stuff his apology. Although the bunk with my boss was unexpected, that crazy afternoon definitely helped me get over my heart-break. It was the only time too and though I don’t regret having sex at work, I don’t intend to make a habit of it!”.

Mike, 33, works in an office of chartered accountants. He came to work this wonderful day to find a female replacement for an old member of staff who resigned. “It was a sight for sore eyes,” he said. “I stopped in my tracks when I saw this gorgeous girl in front of me. She was well-dressed with well-groomed hair. As we exchanged greetings, I wondered why such a pretty young woman would want to work with some stuffy accountants, but as the days went on, I realised that although Stella was very attractive, she was definitely ‘one of the boys’ too.

“We were in the staff canteen a few months later when she suddenly realized she’d forgotten the birthday gift for another staff in the boss’ office. I volunteered to help her get the keys to his office. As we chatted on our way to the office, I realised we’d both had a few drinks and were feeling light- hearted. As she made for the wrapped gift, I asked her what it was and she refused to tell, saying the men wouldn’t forgive her if she’d let on. As I playfully made for the gift, we started to tussle. In our mock fight, Stella stumble backward and fell onto the big table in the boss’ office, pulling me almost on top of her. We burst out laughing as our bodies pressed against each other. then we stopped laughing suddenly as lustful thoughts took over. There was this naughty smile on her face as 1 told her: ‘Nobody’s here:’

“She didn’t need any more encouragement and we began to kiss furiously. As we spread out across the desk, all the stuffs on the boss’ desk started crashing to the floor. But we ignored them. 1 was about to live out my wildest fantasy and nothing was going to stop me! Just as 1 began to believe things couldn’t get better than this, this vixen suddenly wriggled from under me and jumped on top.

“Wow!. We had the quickest but most fantastic sex of my life right there in the boss’ office! Afterwards, we hastily tidied up, worried the boss might suspect something if he came in later.

“To this day, I never told any of my colleagues, and as far as I know, Stella didn’t either. But now, when I’m having a boring day at work, I look across at her in the office and have a dirty smile on my face. Stella is engaged to be married, so our mind-blowing bunk is, and always will be a one off!.”

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