Tourist Sites In Esanland

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Esanland has great potentials for tourist attractions yet to be fully exploited and developed. There ¡s, for instance, a lake at lrrua called “Obiemen Lake” which is along Irrua — Uromi road. There is another lake — Amahama Lake at Ukpenu, Ekpoma at the moment being idolized by the community.

Of course a number of good hotels. These hotels, mostly along Benin — Auchi road and in seducing surroundings. Provide good dishes and ideal relaxation environment. Also, resplendent in the blue skies of Ewu is the imposing feed and Flour Mills, a good tourist centre. There are a few statues mostly at Ekpoma. There is UDA statue replicating “Uda” the great ruler of Ekpoma Clan centuries ago. There is also AINABE statue, awash in glossy green coating on the foreground of Eagle petrol filling station along Benin Auchi Road, Ekpoma.

In addition, the very socio-cultural life of the people of Esan constitutes a captivating tourist attraction. Festival seasons in the area are occasions when several traditional dances are held, particularly the very excitin masquerade dance, lgbabonelimhin.
Amahor Waterside:
Located in Igueben Local Government Area of Edo state, west of Benin City, on the banks of the River Niger. Experience the impeccable hospitality of Esan {Ishan} people. When you visit Edo state be sure to visit Amahor Waterside. It has a character and charm of it own. This is a place where time stands still and unforgettable.
memories are made .Relaxing & friendly environment is certainly by natural design. The local food, the view & the entertainment are all part of the overall experience, trove of water sports, miles of River walk, parks, unobstructed water views and the most amazing sunsets. Inverness calling all Bride & Grooms Still deciding on where to have their honey moon we looks forward to welcoming you.
Udo Tourist Centre:
The centre is located at the Udo forest Reserve in Udo Village, Igueben Local Government Area, a distance of about 15 kilometers from Ubiaja.This centre developed from the Forestry Rest House built by Mr A.Ogbe, a renowned forest conservationist.In the 1970s, it served as a government retreat. The centre has a wildlife park which
includes some exotic animals donated by the late president Jomo kenyatta of kenya.