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An escape to Europe

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{By Osamede Osunde} July 31, 2022

Many people often says that they will have no more problem in life if they are able to get to Europe. Many abandon their university studies half way, some leave their well-paid jobs and businesses.some sold their parents landed and other valuable properties,many abandon their husbands and their little children, Young women are sold into sex slave by their greedy parents many of them underage.

Many in process of trying to get to Europe by land are stranded in different African countries. Young women folks can be found in the red light districts from Benin republic, Niger to morocco. They have to earn a living and the men folks do unskilled jobs and some 'wrongs'.

Many too weak to walk are left to death in the hot Sahara desert sand. Rapes of the young women folks is the order of the day and the evil acts are carried on them with impunity. Many in the process carry an unwanted pregnancies and other inhuman acts too horrible to write.The perpetrators of this evil acts are never brought to book.

Those who were able to make it to morocco face another huddle of crossing the sea to Spanish land this process take the life's of unknown number of our folks yearly.

The lucky ones, who were able to make it  to Europe have found that instead of leaving our problems behind in Nigeria we have  brought them with us and to make  matter worse, we have picked up a lot more.

We can all remember the stresses of living in Nigeria they seemed to center on jobs and money for most of us the standard of living in Europe is better than that of Nigeria. Nevertheless, we need to work to pay the bills. The only job available to most folks is the job the European does not want, that is if you are lucky to have a working permit or citizenship. For folks without residential permit and health insurance things are even worse for them. They cannot get good medical care and legal protection. The new lease of life of milk and honey is a nightmare to many folks.

In Paris, Amsterdam, Rome and other cities in Europe, three to four folks packed themselves together in just one room often without good sanitation. Folks lives as second class citizens and unwanted. Racialism is the order of the day. Many feel like simply living on a never-ending building site with no peace.

The Young women folks who were sold into sex slave need to pay about 60,000 euro or more to buy themselves back from their 'madams',pimps of own folks who treats their fellow women folks like worthless 'things' ,an object to be bought,sold and re-sold again,an animal to be exploited. Psychological threat of voodoo is their weapon.They take the full advantage of our strong animist background.The fear of voodoo drove many our young women folks to the red light districts and Italian streets and those who could not bear the  stress suffered from  mental problem, with no resident permit and health insurance nobody take notice of them and many take their own life.

To many folks, escape to Europe is like a nightmare for which there may be no escape.

To those of us who has followed the history of Edo people from the pre-historical time of Ogiso Igodo, pre-Imperial, Imperial period to post-Imperial. Never in the history of the Edo people has Edos been bought and sold like objects, like what is going on right now before our eyes in Afro-European sex slave of the 21st century. Some may say the ancient Benin Empire involves heavily in trans-africa slave trade, because we belongs to the monarchy of warriors kings our ancestors fought to protect us. They never allowed the Edo people to be sold or taken into slavery. They make it a crime against the gods and the land. The law of the land our ancestors has always abided to.This evidence can still be felt,to this days,nobody in main Edo land is regarded as an out-cast,slaves of the gods or family of slaves. custom practices that are still very prominent among many Nigeria ethnic groups even to this days.

To the greedy mothers and those involved in Afro-European sex slave let it be known to you, that according to the decree of Edo ancestors which still stand to those days. It is a great crime against the gods and Edo land to sell, buy or take a native Edo person or persons into any form of slavery including sex slavery

It is a crime that shame us all,in the 21st century the young princesses of the famous great Benin Empire are sold, bought and re-sold like objects why we stand and watch all in the name of economic hardship.The dirty, disgraceful job of prostitution has ruin Edo women image the world over.They are now the symbol of black prostitution.

The most painful aspects of it all, is that with the Shameful and disgraceful Afro-European sex slave many of our women folks are heavily involved in, which is now their trade mark, the huge some of money the evil folks called 'Madams' exploit from their fellow folks,the huge some of foreign currency and other valuables that folks who escape to America and Europe pump into our beloved Edo state local economy every mouth; one would have expected our beloved Edo state to be like 'little London' by now but on the contrary things are getting from bad to worst.we are now known as economic disaster zone the most underdeveloped state in southern Nigeria.

Cross River State that was ones,the most underdeveloped state in southern Nigeria is now far ahead of Edo state even when they don't have many folks who escape to Europe and America. they don't have many folks who are 'madams' few of their woman folk are into the Shameful and disgraceful Afro-European sex slave.But they were able to build Nigeria best tourism industry.

written by Osamede Osunde
Mr Osunde is a Human Right Advocate
and Anti Sex-Slave Activist
Founder and owner of edoworld.net
Based in Spain


Subject: edo ladies in madrid
Message: I am romanian nationals. Few years ago traveling to madrid i used to go to red light district. there i met a young girl from edo. To my great shame i must say that i never ever heart about this ancient civilization. like most europeans i made the confusion between bini and benin republic. I must say that the relation i started with the respective girl was (and still is) very important for me. even if i could not always understand her. we belong to very different cultural areas. the most important i could not understand why she give all her money to \\\"madam/mammy\\\". In madrid there are plenty of romanian and Ukrainian prostitutes. those girls usually \\\"belongs\\\" to a gang that take all their money too. But they are physically aggressed and their families are in danger at home. More, those girls come from decussate elements of our society (alcoholic parents, diligent, lumpenproletars). My bini girlfriend come from a decent family and she was not aggresses physically by her \\\"madam\\\'. still for her was a matter of proud and principles to \\\"fulfill the contract\\\" of 60,000euro to come to europe. we had a relation for 8 month (no more on prostitution base) till the moment when madam observed that i have a bad influence on her. after that she sold her to amsterdam to another gang where my girl friend had to pay again 60,000euro. i followed her in amsterdam and told her that she have no reason to pay those money to anybody and that she can run away nobody can stop her. Even if I am not rich i can take good care of her and even to help her family in africa. she said that she can`t do it. it is something that white man can not understand. Then i had a crisis of jealousy and left her. I supposed that she like prostitutionNevertheless all this i feel it was not in vane: i become interested in africa (even traveled in nigeria in several occasions) and to understand this part of the world.

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