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Knowing when your woman cheats

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written by Ibeke (August 1, 2022)

All through history, countless men of repute have been ruined by the miles of the fairer Sex-Samson was wrecked by Delilah, the seductress from the valley of Sorek, while King Ludwig 1 of Bauaria met his ruin in the bosom of Lola Montez the Irish diva from the back streets of Limerick. Empress Cleopatra was directly involved in the ruin of two Ptolemy’s the last line of kings who ruled Egypt while King Solomon fell out with God because of his love for strange woman.

Nations have waged wars for the sake of women-the Greeks went to war with the Trojans just to recapture Helen of Try who had eloped in her husband’s absence, while whole civilisations have been lost at their behest. Today the Middle East lies in crisis because of the advice of Sarah. She, it was who adviced her husband, Abram to sleep with Haggai-an act that gave birth to Ishmael, whom she later drove out into the wilderness.

Countless instances abound in history of men who were played out by their women. To make sure your wifey is not playing you for a sucker, take time out to study her carefully.

If she seems to be strong on any of these points below, then know that your wifey may be playing some games behind your back.

1. She has too many Uncles: When your girlfriend keeps introducing you to a string of uncles at every turn-watch it! Women are crafty but the uncle spiel is one of the oldest fall lines in the world and it’s a wonder guys still fall for it. You spot her in a car and she comes later with the well-prepared yarn of an uncle who just came into town. You are with her and she dashes off for a two-aside with an elderly man whom she explains away as a long lost uncle. Hey smarten up, busters, your wifey could be keeping a string of aristos round town and playing you for a fool.

2. She keeps too many complimentary cards, what’s she doing with so many complimentary cards when she is not a business woman or worker for that matter? Once your wifey starts keeping to many of such cards, start keeping tabs on her. Men are meant to keep giving girls cards, that is normal, but a girl is never compelled to keep any. If she does, then know that someday she may just decide to give one of them a call. From there, anything can happen and your girl could fall into some grubby hands.

3. She never stops making calls, thank God for the introduction of GSM. The happiest people since have been our girls. It means they don’t have to spend countless hours in front of phone boots making embarrassing requests to Aristos anymore. Then, that used to be the norm. Now they make and receive their calls in the comfort of their rooms. If you notice your woman makes too many calls then, hey, not all those calls could be innocent. The tariff on GSM here almost outlaws frivolous and unnecessary calls, so a woman who wastes her precious money on calls is not doing so to find out about a new recipe or lingerie she wants to buy. If she owns or runs a business, try and be more circumspect about the intent of her calls-they could be business calls really. But if you listen in and cannot make head or tail out of her conversation, then know she is being vague on purpose and isn’t giving clues as to what she is discussing. The absence of clues should be a pointer that she is hiding something.

4. She travels too frequently and suddenly, due to official duties, the working class woman does not enjoy this liberty except her job warrants her to be constantly on the move. However, a girlfriend who travels frequently and too suddenly for no clear reason could be holed up with big shot, then (…to be continued)

Try to know the reason for her frequent travels. On careful scrutiny, you’ll get to realise she really has no place to travel to so frequently.

(5) She always has unexplained funds, this is a pointer a lot of guys ignore. Because of the financial independence a lot of girls enjoy, their boy friends hardly seem bothered to wonder where their slush cash comes from. When these guys go the extra mile of enjoying such bootie, then they become very reluctant to probe the source. If she is living well above her means, know that such money is coming from somewhere. The patron giving her definitely has designs of his own. The devil has no free gift and in the age we live in monetary gratification from men for most times is extended for the sole purpose of reprobate activity. Know the financial level of your girl friend, and if she is living above her means you have to realise quickly that she has a randy benefactor behind her.

(6) She parties too frequently: if your girl friend keeps attending parties with the constancy of dusk know that if she isn’t yet cheating, she soon would. Parties are some of the most informal places where the opposite sex gets to meet. Once they do, the tendency is for them to start off from there. Men are also quite lecherous and they don’t give a damn about the next man whose girl they are trying to drag into bed. If your woman insists on going partying where you are not welcome, then beware! It would only be a matter of time before another man jumps into her life.

(7) She frowns on impromptu visits: the most pitiable of men are those working class professionals dating under graduates. Because of the near absence of their boyfriends, these girls use that opportunity to do something with impunity. This also goes for guys dating girls in schools other than theirs. If your girl friend needs forehand knowledge to prepare for your arrival, then she could be trying to keep her auxiliary lovers at bay.

(8) She keeps late nights. This is one of the pointers that your girl may not be totally faithful to you most especially if she has no cogent reason to keep staying out late. Since most establishments frown on personal visits, the only time professionals have to socialise is at the close of work for a hectic city like Port Harcourt – anything from 7pm. This may warrant that your woman stays out late to have time for her other lover. Watch your woman carefully to know she isn’t within this category. Also, if she is never in her apartment at times when she ought not to be engaged, know something could be up.

(9) She is absent minded in your presence, when your woman no longer gives you the attention she used to when you both stay out, know that she could be thinking of something else from her wardrobes, cosmetics or the other man in her life. Watch out carefully for tell tale signs of trace like silences whenever you are together. This is also called the ADD syndrome-Attention Deficit Disorder. If she suddenly starts suffering from this syndrome whenever you are together then begin to believe it could be man induced.

(10) The flame if finally out, initially, she used to enjoy the sliding behind closed doors so much you often wondered whether she wasn’t on some sort of aphrodisiac. Now she feigns some illness or comes up with an excuse why you both can’t do it. This simply means the excitement is no longer there and the fire is out. Start looking elsewhere with the consolation that in this world, there are still a few good girls you can stake your life on. Love should be a two way street. Once it is anything else, know it simply has exploitation and deceit written all over it.

Ibeke writes from University of Nigeria, Nsukka

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