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Open letter to IGP, Solomon Arase, by Unemployed Youths Association
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Written by Karma Obriko

We are compelled to make this as an open letter as we are aware with the Nigeria system of communication which is still under-going perfection stage will truncate the smooth reaching to you if this is not made open, in other words, this humble expression of ours might not get to your highly esteemed distinguished table if the obsolete means are observed, hence, this open letter.

Sir, when you took over the exalted leadership position of the Nigeria Police Force, greetings, encomiums and high hope of sanctity rented the air as Nigerian's expectation cross fertilizes with your enumerated policies which we hoped will favour our own hopeful expectations and outcome.

Suffix it to say that your manifestos as a high ranking Officer who assumed the leadership of the force has been mesmerized lately as Nigeria Youth are beginning not only to feel highly dismayed and dumbfounded over your recent orders as it affects their civil and human right but skeptical over whose words are  whose  bond.

On the 3rd of June, 2015, an arrest was made on three Nigeria unemployed youths, they were handcuffed disgracefully in public and their houses were thoroughly searched even when your men didn't have any search warrant to that effect. It may surprise you to know that these police officers that stormed the meeting venue of these young Nigerians were Officers from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad [SARS], and they acted under the popular maxim of "orders from the above", “my Oga at the top said so" and so on.

Even when these Youths were not armed robbers, or committers of any offense, they were butted into their van and driven to their office where they were subsequently detained. Justice is one huge acronym with seven letters but highly flexible but comprises a monumental show of fear and conscience evaluation whenever is mentioned.

Sir, in order for you not to adjudge me as a judge that is trying to make up a defensive story, let us gladly inform you about the offense of these unemployed youths:

The concerned persons involved were members of the cooperative that was purportedly formed by Josephine Washima, the immediate past SSA to President Goodluck Jonathan on job creation.

The SSA squandered billions that was approved by the federal Government through her office to carve out means which will combat the unemployment saga in the country as expected before several donors bought into the idea.

Josephine Washima, SSA to President Goodluck Jonathan on job creation

The sums #3.6 billion and #6.7 billion respectively was approved and doled out to the office of the SSA on job creation, Josephine Washima.

Other donations from United Nations, Nigeria Stability and Reconciliation Programs, Heritage bank and other oil companies and international outfit, developed wings and flew to an unknown destination.

These persons that were arrested were tortured and detained for five days. A lady amongst them almost died in the SARs cell because she started bleeding. Even when Josephine Washima was called to that effect, she snapped at the phone and ranted that "the lady can die there for all she cares". She was subsequently rushed to the National Hospital where she spent over #500.00 borrowed money in order to save her life.

Sir, Nigerians repose lots of confidence in you but sad to state unequivocally that they are beginning to feel highly disappointed as criminals now hide under the shade of your mighty protection  and that of some high rank officers. This depicts an act of impunity which qualifies the old saying of "who knows who".

Josephine Washima squandered billions approved by FG through her office to combat the unemployment saga in the country

It may also interest you to know that Josephine Washima has lately become an unemployed civilian in your office at the headquarters as she boastfully roll with some of your men in Hilux pick-up vans whenever she fixes meetings with the unemployed youths to tailor her bundle of lies and the reason she could not utilize or produce what was expected of her as the SSA to GEJ despite the billions that was voted into her office. Where are the monies for this job scheme? We have remained in a dream land where our answer seems to be taking constant flight into oblivion.

With all due respect sir, we deserve to know the following;

* Who are you serving as a humble civil servant, sir, Josephine Washima or Nigerians? We mean no disrespect in this regard but would be glad to read a published rejoinder to disclaim this purported belief that has gone virile where Nigeria youths thinks you are aiding and abetting a public officer that mismanaged public fund meant for the development and job provision for the unemployed youths. We would be glad if you can disabuse our mind and make us believe in your quest for a better police force.

* Sir, we request you kindly use your exalted office to denounce your association with Josephine Washima as she consistently claim that you have her backing hence, no amount of correction, blackmail or accusation can bring her down as she is ready to slug it out with anybody since you the IG is her backbone.

* It might also interest you to know that she now rolls with your men as her body guard and soldiers who have abandoned their barrack post and have resorted as body guide to Josephine Washima.

Her personal assistant whom she accused of fraud long before now disassociated himself with an open published caveat emptor stating explicitly that he is not a part of Josephine Washima fraudulent activities. This act earned him an unjust arrest from your men at SARS who acted on the order of your office as the Oga at the top.

Let us cap this up by informing you that the reason behind this entire misdemeanor is to prevent the youths whom she has their monies from asking her to explain to them the reason and how far she has fared with the money that was approved by the past administration of GEJ.

As a man of highly monumental personality whose words are his bound, we demand you make an open arrest on Josephine Washima and request succinct elucidation and clarification of the above as we are on the lookout on how you will drive this to a positive compromise.

While thanking you for your anticipated cooperation and urgent response on this raging issue, we pray this is treated with open invitation as we will gladly oblige our presence in a more secured environment under your protection.


For: National Association of Unemployed youths in Nigeria

Karma Obriko

Hanson Oghenekevwe

Alfred Igbinidu

Tsav harrieth

James Idonor

Rita Abubakar

Sadiku Hamza

Abiola Halimat

Adeolu Ashafa

Edobor Philips

Osaruwense Idemudia

Suleiman Hafsat

Oghenekaro Keno

Dumkwu Chika

Halima Mamod

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