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In continuation of my write up on the superlative achievements of my well able and capable Governor, Adams Oshomhole, permit me to urgently draw the attention of the the good people of Edo state to a very serious observation of mine. the reason why i termed these observations as serious is that if they are not tackled, or if they are not taken into consideration but ignored, all the efforts of the present administration in Edo state would end up a nullity!

God forbid, now that we have a pharaoh that knows Joseph, as the Israelite of old whom the lord blessed so well because their was on the throne at that time a pharaoh that new Joseph, likewise we must not in any way allow this divine grace of the Lord to pass us by, by not complimenting the efforts of this present administration in moving Edo state forward.

This is the onus of my problem with the so call Anenil and his cohorts! must we play politics with the feature of the good people of Edo state? why are they refusing (deliberately) to see, support and enhance good governance in Edo state? must we continue to war against a sitting governor just because of political affiliation? is there anything wrong with PDP members supporting the Governor in moving the state forward? are we saying that this present administration is not performing? can PDP tabulate their achievements in Edo state within the ten good years they were in power then compare the ten years of PDP in power to the two years of Oshomhole so far? we are Edolites, at the end, we all have common ancestors , Edo state belong to us all. if Anenil corporate with Oshomhole, advice him as a Son, he is serving the good people of Edo state and not the person of the Governor!

it is upon this premises(supra) that i am writing this piece, and would also call on all citizen of Edo state to write, call or make contacts with this government on how to move our state forward.



Listed below are what i discovered in the course of my research on how Edo state would achieve greatness within the next six years!


while it is obvious to even the blind that the present government in power in Edo state is doing all humanly possible to move the state forward in areas of construction of roads, schools, hospital and renovations of all government facilities, there seem to lack a corresponding zeal on the part of the good people of Edo state to carry out complementing role in enhancing this notable efforts of the governor.

A case in point is while road are being constructed with the highest standard as found any where in the world, the sanitary condition of our people is nothing to write home about! decades ago, Benin city used to be the envy of the remaining part of Nigeria, we were known for our neatness, hence while i was schooling at Ibadan in the late 70s, my Yoruba friend used to call me "OmO Bendel" presently, we are just too dirty as a people! we see nothing wrong in turning the good roads to dustbins. driving through siloko road in Benin city, and on getting to the four junction linking Oliha, TV road and the one that leads to ekewan road, you would be happy at the construction going on. but at this junction, turn your focus a little towards Oliha market and you would see an epitome of what a market should never look like! Edolites are proud people! our neatness can never be compromised!


EDO STATE GOVERNMENT SHOULD APPOINT A SOLE ADMINISTRATOR TO CLEAN UP BENIN CITY WITHIN 180 DAYS. and to make available a blue print on how the sanitation condition of the towns and cities that make up Edo state can be enhanced.

what does he the sole administrator need to function in this capacity?

1. Enact enabling laws with power to seal up premises be it private or public.

2. a mobile court

3. 10 sanitary inspectors

4. 5 mobile policemen

5. 5 soldiers

6. designated government account for payment of fines

7. 10 new graduates to serve as enforcers

8. two 18 seats buses

9 two dump trucks (tippers)

10. 10 laborers.

11. direct access to the state governor.

if the sole administrator gets the above stated requirements both Human and material, coupled with the will to serve and save Edo state from our dirtiness, Benin city would become the cleanliest city in Nigeria within 180 days!

this is not to be seen as an indictment, but a genuine concern about the states of our dirtiness both in our homes and most importantly our market places.


Now that the state government is rebuilding the city, or call it remodeling, this is the right time for us to turn Benin city green! let the state government do something about this without delay. if we do this, within the next six years of this pharaoh that knows Joseph, the city would regain his lost glory!


1. order the sanitation's sole administrator to plant within 60 days 300,000 trees in Benin city alone.

2. some species of trees be planted along notable roads in Benin city. e.g. plant the same tree 10 feet from the asphalt tile at 20 feet apart along airport road. same with other specie at akpakpava, mission road, Ekenwan road, siloko road, Uselu/Ugbowo road, Sapele Road, sokponba/Upper sokponba road, ikpoba slope/hill and many more. in four to six years time, the city would only be comparable to cities like Boston, New york etc.

3. Compel each resident to plant certain kind of flowers at certain street for uniformity and continuity.

4. place a total ban for six years on the cutting down of trees within Benin metropolis except on acceptable grounds.

Create a department under the ministry of environment to not only ensure that trees are planted, maintained, but to totally handle the coordination of it.


It is no longer news as to the abandonment of this super structures located at the very heart of the city. it has become an eyesore to some of us, and the time has come for the government of the day to do something about it. while i am not calling for the sale of the buildings, yet i would never subscribe to the idea that we allow the continuous deterioration of this edifices.


1. allow an open, transparent bids for the buildings by private developers. then the state government can lease them out for a period of 10 to 15 years fix. proceed from this lease would be paid directly to government account, while the developers would then invest their resources to improve on the structures before they are then lease out to potential users. in both ways the State would benefit from the deal!



Declaring here that the states of our markets are nothing but pathetic is liken to arguing over the fact that twelve might not be same as a dozen. we have no market in Edo state worth its name,( EVEN OBA MARKET AT RING ROAD IS FAST BECOMING A DUMP YARD)! hence the state government has to step in and do something about it. doing something about it does not mean that the state should invest her scarce resources to save our markets from becoming decease dispensing centers, but for the state to put in place necessary incentive that would attract private investors to build, manage and later transfer to the government after a fixed period of time.


1. call for interested investors to build a 1,000 open stores, 100 lock-up store, warehouse, cold room facilities, police post, clinic, fire sub-station, banks and others to be located at

a. Uselu

b. ogida-

c. idogbo --- upper sokponba

d. eyan--- ikpoba hill

e. ekenwan before Asoro grammar school. and

f. ekae --- sapele road


The old bendel state was known if not for any other thing sport! we were the crown champion, the undisputed leader and the envy of the other states that made up the then geographical entity called Nigeria. the days of Sam okpodu, Boateg, bright omokaro alia 10-10. henry ogboe, humphry edobor, oliha, ebojor and host of others. but today, our people are so addicted to Man U. and Arsenal football clubs in far away countries they do not even know. call this a new form of re-colonization and brain washing!

where is Bendel insurance today? can this club ever rise again.


1. we need a new coach, the like of coach Alabi Essien. who believed in grassroots football and would travel far and near to watch our secondary school football competitions.

2. we need the principal cup, governors cup competitions back again.

3. compulsorily school's inter house sport festival back to our school calendar.

4. build sport centers in town and cities in Edo state

5. twice a year Edo state secondary school sport festival in other to discover raw talents.

6. club 1000 solely for the sponsorship of Bendel Insurance football club.

a. first 200 people to donate 200,000 each to the club

b. next 200 people to donate 100,000 each to the club

c. 300 people to donate 50,000 each to the club

d. 300 people to donate 30,000 each to the club.

e. 5 cooperate bodies to give the club 5 million each

f. 10 individuals either private or cooperate to give the club three million each.

g. each local government area to give the club three million naira each.

total amount to be raise would exceed two hundred million naira!

6. How can Edo state government raise five billion naira in 60 days internally?


1. let the state governor sign and release C of Os to twenty thousand owners OF PROPERTIES/LANDS at a flat fee of 250,000 naira each any land that is below 200 feet by 100 feet within 168 hours of proof of payment! MOST ESPECIALLY THE EDOS IN DIASPORA.

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