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Last update 03-06-2020) 

In the indigenous social organization of the Etsako tribes there seems to have been no separation of judicial from executive authority. Apart from serious crimes as murder, arson, habitual theft, etc., a settlement was made within the smallest territorial segment to which both parties involved belonged. The basis of settlement was compensation varying in amount and kind and, most probably, with the relative status of the parties.

In civil disputes enforcement of judicial decisions was left to the successful person, who might curse his opponent, place “medicine” outside his house, or the property belonging to him or his kinsmen. The inotu of Aviele appear to have had special judicial functions.
There was no overall authority for the settlement of disputes between members of different tribes. Between some tribes there was a taboo on blood-letting and .people with relatives in two or more tribes were used in effecting peaceful settlements.
Beyond this the only sanction was self-help.

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