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Indiscipline In Edo State


Indiscipline refers to the deliberate non-conformity with the rules, regulations and values of any given society. In Nigeria for instance, the problems of indiscipline continue to rise in geometrical proportion in spite of the many years of independence.

Although the nationalists, as founding fathers of the Nigerian nation exhibited a disciplined life, yet this virtue continues to decline among post-colonial Nigerians.

Benin City, capital of Edo State, which is an integral part of Nigeria is a place where indiscipline is manifested in the highest order. Here, people find it progressively difficult to obey laws and conform with societal norms upon which the society exists. Indeed, the chaotic vehicular movement in the city left much to be desired. Thus, vehicles are parked on both sides of major roads in the city while traders openly demonstrate their wares on the main roads with no regards for the consequent sufferings of the road users. For instance, a journey from Ring Road to New Benin which would ordinarily take few minutes may take up to an hour! Worse still, commuters and passengers rush into vehicles in the most impatient manner such that property or money is often lost to pickpockets. The city is consequently turned to a jungle, especially when the law enforcement agents are incapable of dealing with ugly situations created by those who see no reason in complying with simple societal rules and regulations.

The society is so enmeshed in the spirit of indiscipline such that market places are not spared. The picture everywhere is that of filth and dirts. From Benin to Ekpoma, Ibillo to Okpella, the erosion of our national ethos become glaring, especially as sanitary conditions and environmental laws are flouted with impunity.

Indiscipline is not a reserve for roads, parks and markets alone. It is deepenly routed in the public service. The civil or public servants have impeded the implementation of government policies, especially when responsibilities and assignments are not carried out when and where necessary.

Added to the above is the issue of coming late to work and appointments. For instance, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole paid a surprised visit to some ministries and parastatals in Edo State only to find that many people were not at their duty posts. He frowned at this, giving a stern warning that such a development was alien to the underlying principles of his government.

The process of last minute rush and fire brigade approach to certain issues is indeed a far cry from what is obtainable in developed societies of the world. Ranging from preparations for important national and local assignments down to attendance of examinations and interviews, the society waggle in the pool of poor attitudinal values and indiscipline. The accompanying results are that of failure, waste of time and scarce resources and this is noticeable on virtually all government and private institutions.

Indiscipline is therefore one of the factors that help to increase poverty everywhere.

Many people find it difficult too, to use available legal means to settle certain disagreements and disputes. They therefore find it comfortable to engage in physical blows and assaults to settle even minor differences. The frequent street fightings experienced in our cities attest to the aforesaid. This method of conflict resolution is not only archaic, but has subjected us to international ridicule.

Music is supposed to be a tool for entertainment and information. But here, the whole place is an open disco hall. Music is heard everywhere in the loudest form with severe negative impact, in the form of noise. Even at midnights, people have turned music as a vehicle of public disturbance rather than entertainment. This attitude again demands urgent attention and reversal. Loud music should be restricted to Nite Clubs and Discotheques.

The level of indecent dressing today is a true reflection of the level of indiscipline, especially among the youths. Certain individuals pride themselves in half naked dressing, thereby exposing themselves and the society to risk. The moral poverty of such persons has its bearing on poor home training and indiscipline.

It is important to note however that while the government deals with the environmental problems confronting the people, the individual should make adequate efforts to imbibe a high spirit of discipline and patience which is a hallmark of civilization and this will make our society a better place of abode for all.

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