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Brig. Samuel . O.Ogbemubia
Brig. Samuel . O.Ogbemubia
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Compiled by Osamede Osunde Last Update August 20, 2022

Brig. Osaigbovo Ogbemudia was born on September 17, 1932 in Benin City. He had his early education at Benin Baptist School {1941-1945}, government school, Victoria, in the Camerouns {1945-1947} and secondary education at western boy high school, Benin City {1947-1949}.He join the Nigeria army in 1957 and trained at Teshi Ghana {1957},Nerthervon, Salisbury {1957} and at the officer cadet school, Aldershot, England {1960}.He was commissioned second lieutenant in 1961. In 1962, he attended the United States army special welfare school fort Bragg South Carolina U.S.A.

Brig. Osaibovo Ogbemudia served with the United Nations peacekeeping force in the Congo for 16 months.During that country’s political crisis and was in Tanzania in 1964.

His other military assignment included his appointment as iinstructor, Nigeria Military Training College, Zaria, 1964 chief instructor, 1965 and brigade major, 1966. In August 1966, he was transferred to the area command, Benin City. He was a major when he was appointed Military administrator of Midwest state on September 20, 1967 following the liberation of state from the secessionist {Brafia} occupation and was later promoted Lt. Colonel and MilitaryGovernor of the Midwest state.

He embarked on a process of reconciliation, reconstruction, and rehabilitation aimed at ameliorating the ill-feeling and mistrust that had been sown amongst the non-Igbo of the state by the secessionist invasion. This policy of reconstruction, reconciliation, and rehabilitation help greatly to restore confidence and trust between the Igbos and non-Igbos of the region.

Major Osaigbovo Ogbemudia with members of the state Executive Council

With three months of his administration, much was already, being achieved in the restoration of mutual confidence and understanding between the various ethnic groups. Houses and other landed property left behind by fleeing persons, during or after the occupation of the state, were enumerated and accorded necessary protection in the interest of their rightful owners. Not only did the rightful owner repossess this property, but they were also paid the rents, which had accrued on them. Igbo-speaking civil servants who had fled their posts on the approach of the federal troops were reinstated on their return.

Ogdemudia Administration also emphasized the problem of reconstruction in the rehabilitation process. According to him: ''It is much easier to win a war than to undertake reconstruction after the war.The roads, bridges and buildings destroyed must be reconstructed if life is to return to normal and if people
are to go about their social, business activities in an atmosphere of calm and mutual confidence.'' He also believed that the economic and social life of the state needed to be revitalized. The period immediately after the civil war in January 1970 saw the massive expansion of the road network in the state and the provision of all necessary infrastructure for its industrial take-off as well. The Agbede Mechanized Farm, the Warrake farms, the Rural Electrification Board, The Bendel Steel Structures, the Bendel Brewery, Bendel Pharmaceuticals, Bendel Boatyard, Bendel Library, Ethiope Publishing Corporation, the University of Benin,The Institute of Continuing Education, NTA Benin, the Bendel Line, etc came into existence at the time.
His military career was terminated on July 30, 1975 in the wake of the military coup of July 29,1975 that ousted the Gowon regime in which Osaibovo Ogbemudia server  as governor Midwest state from September 201967 to July 30 1975 .

He would be remembered for the massive development and prosperities Midwest state now split into Edo state and Delta state, witness during his tenure. He would be remembered also for the braveness and the principal role he played in the campaign by the Nigeria federal forces led by late Gen.Murtala Mohammed to dislodge the secessionist{Brafia}army from Midwest state.

Dr. Osaibovo Ogbemudia was elected civilian governor of  Bendel state after winning the August 1983 gubernatorial election under the platform of the national party of Nigeria {NPN} his administration was short lived following the December 31 military coup.

He was also chairperson national sports commission and Nigeria Railway Corporation, minister of labour etc.
Dr. Osaibovo Ogbemudia won several national honours of some Africa countries, including member of order of the republic of Sudan, officer of the order of Ethiopia and order of the republic of Togo. He was also awarded an honorary degree of doctor of laws of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka and doctor of science, honoraria cause, university of Benin, Benin City etc.

Brig.Gen. Ogbemudia is married with children.

Compiled by Osamede Osunde (info@edoworld.net)

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