Burial Ceremony In Ozalla Clan
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Last up date (July 29, 2021)

Death is Inevitable. Therefore in the light of this, burial ceremony is also a traditional ceremony in Ozalla Clan.

In broad sense, there are about four different ways of performing burial in Ozalla.  There is that of the Man, that of the woman, that of a chief and Religious burial.

If a man dies, it is normally the duty of his family to arrange for the burial. After the necessary preparation, they will inform people. There is normally traditional wake keeping and thereafter, the coffin of the deceased will be used to demonstrate throughout his quarter before finally bringing the deceased back. Before the Deceased is buried, the children are normally accused by the entire family for not taking good care of their parent. They will be fined.

After paying the fines, the necessary traditional rites will be performed and finally the deceased will be laid to rest.

The children and relatives of the deceased will shave their hairs on the seventh day in honour of their father.

This process is also applicable to that of the Woman. But the slight difference is that the woman will be carried to the market (On Ozalla Market Day) to demonstrate and finally. After that her body will conveyed to her parent’s place for burial. There is sometimes that the children of the deceased will want the deceased to be laid to rest in their place but certain rites must be performed in her father’s place.

For that of the Chief, a chief is not immediately buried, A casual burial will be given to him and after about three months or so, the family will do the final burial. Many rites are involved in the burial of a chief that is to say a lot of huge amount of money is used in this.

That of the church much ceremony is not performed, but after wake-keeping by the entire family and the church members, the decease will be conveyed to the church to receive the final blessings and after which the deceased is sent to either the Church’s Cemetery for the burial or to be buried in the place the children want it to be. But these rules are not applicable to the new type of churches. However the children of the deceased will have to spend seven days for the mourning. There is no much traditional rites involved in this type of burial ceremony in Ozalla Clan.

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