Naming Ceremony In Ozalla Clan
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Last up date (July 25, 2021)

Naming ceremony is one of the traditional ceremonies in Ozalla clan. This is a very significant ceremony in Ozalla clan as the portrays the birth of john the Baptist In the Holy Bible … that is John the Baptist was given Traditional Naming Ceremony.

In Ozalla Clan, the naming ceremony is normally done when a child is delivered and has spent Seven Days. It is on the Seventh Day that the naming is normally done.

owan Clan Naming Ceremony
Parents and Child

There are events that take place before the Seventh day. Immediately a child is delivered everybody in the Extended Family (IDUMU in Ozalla) and well wishers are informed of the birth of such a child. Normally, Native Chalk (ERE in Ozalla) will be shared or sent to everybody to notify them that a new child has been delivered.

On the Seventh day, the Family of the Delivered child will go to the head of the family to do some general cleaning and washing of the House.
And in the evening of it, the oldest woman and man will assemble in the house of the head of the Family; the mother of the child will bring the child to them. There is always a powdered Yam (AHA in Ozalla) made with Oil and Kola Nut, alligator pepper (EGBESIN in Ozalla). They will then pray for the child and the family in general.

Owan Ozalla naming ceremony
Yam (AHA in Ozalla)
Alligator pepper (EGBESIN in Ozalla)

After this, the head of the Family will give a name to the child then the oldest woman in the family will equally gives a name to the Child. Thereafter, anybody in the family who wants to give a name to the child (especially the grandfather, grandmother) of the child can do so.

In Ozalla Clan, it is most common and usual to see that majority of the children answer the name given to them by their grand fathers as this is usually a house-hold one that is, the grandfather will always be calling such name and thereafter the children will be familiar with the name

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