Some Taboos In Ozalla Clan
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Last up date (July 29, 2021)

Ozalla Taboos described any action which is strictly forbidden in Ozalla by our Religious customs or laws. There are many kinds of Taboos in Ozalla. Various Quarters have their taboos while there is a special taboo for Ozalla in general.

The general taboo of Ozalla is that no Ozalla person should eat Goat. The taboos for the various quarters are as follows:

Ekeke Quarters forbids the planting of what Ozalla called UMEKHEN. The plant will not yield at all when planted by any Ekeke person. They also forbid the rearing of what Ozalla called Emila etc.

Uhonmoke Quarters forbids what Ozalla call “Awai”, Ituoyeye etc.
Iraede Quarters forbids what Ozalla called Ini, lshavbo, lseghegue, lrere etc.

Igbidin Quarters forbids what Ozalla called Ofoto, Atalakpa, Akoto etc.
Ivbihere Quarters forbids what Ozalla called Awa, Oghoghogo etc.
Uwiara Quarters forbids what Ozalla called Ofoto, Awa, Oghoghogo
Ekhor Quarters forbids what Ozalla called Ewi, Ofoto etc

All the various taboos are strictly held to up till these days expect that of the general taboo in which the people especially the youths have attached less importance to. They feel it is only the clan Head that should forbid the general taboo for the wellbeing of the people of Ozalla clan.

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