The Administration Of Ozalla Clan
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Last up date (July 25, 2021)

About four generations ago, a man called “AYU”, went to Benin and was given an “ADA” a ceremonial sword and he was therefore appointed the Enogie of Ozalla Clan by the Oba of Benin. This Ada can still be found in the possession of Uwiara Quarter in Ozalla Clan.

Although he was nominally the Oba’s representative in Ozalla Clan and as such was entitled to certain privileges, he never appeared to have played an important part in the management of the clan’s affairs.

He was succeeded by another Enogie called “USIFO”. Usifo made himself Unpopular and was driven away and he went to live at Evbiobe in Ora Clan.

Usifo was succeeded by Omoluwa who died as the Enogie before the period of the great Benin Expedition. His son who would have been the next Enogie was very young and did not take up the title. His mother took him away, first to Ora Clan and then to (Eko in Ozalla) Lagos. He was called Aideloje. Aideloje late returned to Ozalla land laid claim to Enogieship.

As a result of conflicts resulting from this Enogieship, the title was abandoned totally to these days. In its place, the people of Ozalla Clan now have the title “ONOTARE” of Ozalla Clan which is usually given to the clan head (the most senior man in the clan).

But today, this “ONOTARE” is assisted by a person known as the “UNUNOTARE”, (Speaker)

The Ozalla clan which consists one scattered villages is composed of Eight Kindres as follow:









Iraede, Ekeke, Uhonmoke, lvbihere and Uwiara combined together to form a sub-village known as “ATUEKHOR”

The organisation is based on the same institutions as that of other Ivbiosakon clans.  That is to say, on an Age-grade system still predominates.

The organisation of the “Age Grades” differs slightly from that found in other clans. The working Age grade of which there are NINE. They are divided into two groups, the four junior grades being known as “EGBON UGELE” and the next five grades being known as “EGELE”.
The Egeles are further sub-divided and the three Senior Egele companies are known as “OTULEA”

A new Age group is formed every three years’ and each of the existing groups moved up one place (step) the senior Otulea group becoming “EDION” or “ELDERS”

Each kindred have a Council, which is summoned and presided over by the oldest member of the kindred. It will be attended by all persons who have reached the group of ”Edion” title-holder and the Egele group.

In the Atuekhor sub-village, there was, in addition to kindred councils a sub-Village Council, summoned by oldest man in the kindreds which went to make UP sub-village.

Finally, there is a clan council, which was presided over by the oldest man in the clan, irrespective of his kindred. This council met at his house and consisted of the joint kindred Council.

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